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E20-807 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by EMC with new exam.

EMC E20-807 Exam Details

The Dell EMC VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions Exam or E20-807 is intended for solutions specialists such as Technology Architects, Implementation Engineers, and Storage Administrators. Moreover, this E20-807 exam assesses the expertise and skills to evaluate and understand VMAX All Flash & VMAX3 arrays, security concepts, FAST.X external arrays, SRDF, and non-disruptive migration. Thus, with a wide range of emphasis on cloud computing, the IT industry is growing and evolving very fast so the demand for Dell EMC VMAX is increasing rapidly. VMAX solution experts, in particular, offer a service-level supply model which changes users' storage consumption, distinguishes them from back-end configuration steps, and allows them to focus on other main roles.

Intended Audience

The Dell EMC E20-807 is an advanced-level qualification exam that can be taken after completing one of several specialist exams like PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions, etc. Hence, the target audience for E20-807 Expert - VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions Exam are Dell partners and employees who work in the roles of Architects, Pre-sales, Administration, and Support. To add more, E20-807 qualification test is widely used by major IT companies and employers in many countries. So, if you are an individual who has experience with Dell technologies, HYPERMAX, storage administration, and VMAX solutions, E20-807 exam is the best option for you, which will get you the Expert – VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions 2.0 designation.

Test Prerequisites

Initially, you should complete any of the Associate - Information Storage and Management Version 1-3 designations and one Specialist validation to your liking in order to eventually take E20-807. Then, it’s recommended to have at least one year of experience deploying and/or handling VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 hardware and software. Fundamental storage systems, storage management, security principles, and SRDF should all be understood by the candidate to be able to opt for this exam. Finally, applicants should also be capable of performing administrative tasks on licensed HYPERMAX operating systems.

Exam Outline

The Dell EMC E20-807 consists of 60 questions and should be completed in 90 minutes. Furthermore, the passing score for the exam is 60%. Overall, its exam topics are divided into six major parts which are discussed below alongside their weightage.

Performance of VMAX3 & VMAX All Flash - 36%

Under such an exam domain, you’ll have to develop the following dexterity:

  • Form a performance standpoint & explain the VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 line-up architecture.
  • VMAX should be defined and explained. Further, for optimum performance, you must know how to use All-Flash & VMAX3 line-up building of varied best practices.
  • Determine the methodology for performance analysis, the relationship between performance metrics and operations for I/O, the characterization of workloads, and the Little's Law consequences.
  • Perform administrative activities that are linked to results. Also, here, you should stay updated on VMAX and manage performance reports for arrays of all Flash/VMAX3.
  • Accomplish the performance of front-end directors, identify, and resolve performance problems using applicable metrics.
  • Complete cache design and backend director performance analysis, define important indicators, investigate, and fix performance glitches.
  • Check & define the performance of SRDF and TimeFinder SnapVX concepts.

Security Concepts - 14%

This objective is centered on these scopes of knowledge:

  • Describe how VMAX addresses data protection vulnerabilities as well as how unauthorized monitoring for changes & operations is prevented.
  • Also, you need to know how to illustrate data stored on the VMAX. Then, the information being at rest encryption method can be used to protect both Flash and VMAX3 systems, and their effects on device management and operations.
  • For Unisphere necessary for VMAX, you have to plan, execute, and manage user authentication and role-based permissions.
  • Deal with VMAX access controls that are usually host-based and which should be planned, implemented, and managed.

Multi-site SRDF Solutions - 16%

Here, you’ll have to work with:

  • Offering a summary of SRDF multi-site solutions.
  • Configuration of Cascaded and Concurrent SRDF and describing dual personality RDF devices.
  • Consistency of SRDF/S and SRDF/A multi-sessions, and special features in SDDF and SRDF including all SRDF technologies that support SRDF/Star.
  • Describing cascading and concurrent SRDF/Star failure situations, as well as how to handle operations under both faulty and normal consequences.

Solutions for Metro and VMAX All Flash - 12%

Such a brief topic will address the following objective:

  • Describe the concept of SRDF/Metro and its advantages.

Solutions for FAST.X - 15%

Within this E20-807 portion, you’ll need to showcase the acumen like:

  • Describe FAST.X's architecture as well as its advantages & usage.
  • Design how external arrays should be linked and provisioned. Check external array LUN connectivity in addition to access.
  • Define the connection between Disk Groups, eDisks, Data Devices, and SRPs by configuring and managing eDisks.
  • Explain the factors to consider for different use cases, such as CloudArray, XtremIO, Data Migration, and more.

Non-Disruptive Data Migration - 7%

Finally, here, you’ll get enlightened on such notions as:

  • Describing how to switch from a VMAX to VMAX3 or VMAX All-Flash Array in a non-disruptive manner.
  • Utilizing Unisphere for VMAX or SYMCLI by using Non-Disruptive Migration.

Career Prospects

The Expert – VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions 2.0 certification is for candidates who want to advance their careers in the VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions. Thus, E20-807 exam verifies that an applicant possesses the essential specialized and in-depth expertise and skills on the Dell EMC VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 market. Besides, you will get access to jobs such as Storage Engineer, Project Pool Infrastructure Administrator, Senior Storage Infrastructure Engineer, and Senior Server Engineer/Manager if you pass this exam. As for the salaries, the annual average pay for Storage Engineers is slightly more than $92k per year as per

Other Dell Certifications

After obtaining this Dell EMC designation, you can look into other expert certifications by this vendor to improve your career such as the Expert - Cloud Architect, Cloud Services Version 2.0 certificate, which focuses on cloud services within ITaaS scope. In addition, the qualification criteria for the Dell Professional Programs are updated on a regular basis. So, please visit the Proven Professional CertTracker website to get the most actual information and to learn about other ways to fulfill your next exam requirement.