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    Acquire deeper insights into the Isilon solutions with the aid of the EMC E20-555 exam. This is highly beneficial to sales professionals and architects as well as technology partners who want to improve their technical prowess and become trustworthy members of a team. Along with the architectural features and key design principles, this also touches on the importance of NAS solutions. So, to keep you on track with the coverage, below are the things that encompass the exam.

    Getting to Know More About the Test

    As part of Dell’s specialist accreditation program, it’s mandatory that you present an existing associate-level certification before taking E20-555. In this case, the prerequisites may either be the Associate - Information Storage and Management (Version 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0) or Specialist - Technology Architect, Isilon Solutions (Version 3.0).

    If you fit the targeted audience of EMC E20-555 and have any of the above certificates, then it’s high time to uncover some of the test specifications. First of all, the exam involves a series of 60 questions to be accomplished within the time limit of 120 minutes. To pass the evaluation and secure the Specialist - Technology Architect, PowerScale Solutions (DCS-TA) certification, you should get at least 60 points.

    Exam Content Overview

    To prepare you for a fruitful career, the Dell EMC E20-555 exam concentrates on the expansion of your knowledge in modifying an Isilon solution according to a specific customer workflow. It elaborates on the vital designing and sizing standards so you learn how to meet the demands of the clients and complete your tasks efficiently. It also helps you to acquire knowledge about handling the Isilon software and its scaled-out storage platform opportunities.

    Additionally, the test covers data integrity, caching, identification, authentication, data protection, architectural implementation requirements, sizing guidelines, and vertical and horizontal markets. You should also get aware of the two major Dell products the exam is focused on - OneFS v8.x and Isilon Generation 6 Hardware. These crucial areas significantly take up a portion of the test questions, so be sure to add this to your must-study list.

    Expounding the Major Exam Domains in Detail

    Below are the core subjects you need to comprehend thoroughly before taking the Dell EMC E20-555 exam. The important concepts to learn are categorized into 5 main sections to make your training more organized and effective.

    • Isilon infrastructure ― 20%

      The first thing you need to take into account is the imperative features of Isilon infrastructure, starting with its nature and key components. Get into the relevance of Isilon nodes, particularly their pools and compatibilities. Then, familiarize yourself with topics such as latency, endurant cache, and sequential versus random access. Continue with your topic navigation and learn more about how Isilon networking works, together with Access Zones and SmartConnect.

    • Isilon management, identity management, and vital advanced applications ― 47%

      Covering almost half of the exam coverage, it’s a must that you spend extra time studying this domain. This begins with improving your knowledge in using SnapshotIQ in the case when snapshots are not indorsed. Keep up with your learning process and gain valuable information about data requirements surrounding SmartPools, CloudPools, and File Pools. Knowing important data necessities regarding SyncIQ, SmartQuotas, SmartLock, SmartDedupe, and Antivirus is also a prominent aspect that deserves your comprehension.

      Another thing that you need to consider is the key points that circle around client access on the Isilon cluster, from permissions to protocol access. Don’t miss the important features of job engines, together with RBAC and ZRBAC. You should take your time uncovering other crucial topics like journaling, file striping, caching, data protection, metadata, replication, and recovery.

    • Solution design process ― 7%

      Learn more about the information requirements that are needed when dealing with the Isilon design process. These accentuate areas such as hardware and software capacity, data types, I/O characteristics performance sizing impact, as well as file server consolidation and file size considerations.

    • Sizing considerations ― 18%

      Proceed with the essential sizing requirements and secure insights into the process of using data availability and protection for the implementation and measurement on an Isilon cluster. Extend your knowledge by learning the usage of disk space when working with different file sizes, from small to large. You also have to understand the impact of disk space on protection overhead. Afterward, you need to learn how to analyze the effect of I/O patterns and latency requirements on core Isilon cluster workflows. And of course, you can’t miss the common challenges and considerations that may occur when configuring backup and archiving workflows.

    • Workload analysis tools ― 8%

      Finish off the learning path with your mastery of various workload analysis tools, including cluster monitoring. Read up on the InsightIQ and isi statistics, and then continue with the workflow analysis tools. Make sure you know the nature and the right usage of these tools, particularly when working with iperf, iostat, tcpdump, NFSstat, and Wireshark.

    Unlocking the Career Opportunities

    The Dell certification exam EMC E20-555 is created to prepare you to be more accomplished in your chosen career. And through this test, you become quality-focused professional who can capably handle both basic and advanced Isilon solutions. With your validated expertise, it’s much easier to stand out and make your mark in the industry you are in.

    Aside from the improved competitiveness, one of the most impressive advantages of earning the Dell certificate is the increased income potential. Accredited professionals are rewarded with better benefits because of the positive impact they can offer to the company. And a bonus perk is your acceptance to the global community of Dell professionals. Surely, all these remarkable paybacks are more than enough to fuel your interest to take the exam.

    Exploring Your Certification Route

    Completion of the EMC E20-555 exam offers you a ticket to more technical Dell certification paths. Your Specialist - Technology Architect, PowerScale Solutions certification will help you unravel the Dell Expert - PowerScale Solutions certificate. This particular route is highly recommended if you aim to be more proficient in EMC PowerScale scaled-out storage platform solutions, along with its critical networking configurations, data protection standards, systems integration, and security features. Additionally, this path makes you adept at working with complex environments and workflows that are relevant for a PowerScale scaled-out NAS platform.

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