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    The Dell DEE-1421 exam is a smart approach to keep your career on the top. This kind of validation leads you toward Dell EMC PowerScale mastery. The test coverage, however, is quite intricate as it involves a more extensive set of solutions and applications. So, to help you course through the exam with ease, let’s get into each of the key information one by one.

    Diving into the Certification Exam

    The first thing you need to know about Dell DEE-1421 is that it functions as the main requirement for the Expert – PowerScale Solutions certification. This DCE certificate is part of Dell’s storage technology path that concentrates on the key scale-out storage platform solutions within the EMC PowerScale system. Additionally, it takes on how you apply your knowledge of the solutions to relevant customer environments.

    As the qualifying evaluation for DCE – PowerScale Solutions, which is an expert-level accreditation, there are things you have to consider in advance about DEE-1421. First, you need to present a specific Dell specialist-level certificate to be suitable for the exam. You are given three main options: Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Isilon Solutions (Version 2.0 or 3.0), Specialist – Systems Administrator, Isilon Solutions (Version 2.0), and Specialist – Technology Architect, Isilon Solutions (Version 2.0 or 3.0). Do take note that all specialist certifications have their corresponding associate counterparts.

    Second, it’s expected that you already have a solid command of the course material as well as the key practices and basic guidelines of the PowerScale product. Field experience is another relevant thing to take into account. Therefore, pursuing this expert-level certification is quite a challenge because of the prerequisites.

    Recognizing the Exam Details

    One pertinent feature of Dell DEE-1421 is that it comes with two parts, so it’s important that you know every core aspect required on both of them. Part 1 circles around questions that are based on your knowledge and experience. There are 54 items to be answered within 90 minutes. The passing score is 60%.

    On the other hand, Part 2 gives more emphasis on your technical expertise. Generally, it is a performance-based simulation check on how you can proficiently apply your knowledge into action. For this section, you need to accomplish 6 simulations. You are just given a total of 30 minutes to complete everything. To clear the test, you should get at least 67%.

    Familiarizing with the Main Topics

    Dell DEE-1421 accentuates the advanced workflows and environments that are associated with the PowerScale scale-out NAS platform. These include more radical network configurations, data protection procedures, security protocols, and systems integration. On top of these, there are certain products that are likely to be covered by the exam. Take time to navigate around the vital features of OneFS 9.0, PowerScale Gen 6.x, InsightIQ 4.0, and DataIQ 2.0.

    Expounding the Exam Domains

    Since you already know that Dell DEE-1421 is unlike typical certification exams with only one requirement, you need to oversee the major areas of its syllabus in detail. Here are the domains that hold a significant impact on the test questions.

    • Main concepts ― 13%

      The first imperative topic is Disaster Recovery, where you are required to comprehend its key plans, together with disaster resilience. Then, learn more about the pivotal points of OneFS, including the relevant domains, methodologies, system management, and troubleshooting tools. Another thing that you need to master is the Job Engine architecture and administration. Go over the different job types, priorities, and influences of the core OneFS work distribution system.

    • Advanced access ― 22%

      Now, it’s time to head into the vital features of networking architecture, particularly access zones, VLAN, and LACP. Network routing such as Static and SBR are also important subjects. Make sure that you practice your skills in designing multi-tenancy solutions like groupnets, DNS, namespaces, and authenticators, among others. Furthermore, this section provides you with insights on how to evaluate supported authentication providers and procedures. These include AD RFC-2307, NIS, LDAP, MFA, ID mapping, and Local and File Provider. Lastly, train yourself in configuring data access protocols, specifically NFSv3, NFSv4, S3, SMB3, FTP, HTTP, along with advanced settings and protocol security functions.

    • OneFS reporting and advanced authorization ―15%

      It’s not enough that you just study the imperative concepts and features of OneFS. You need to configure these for proper system monitoring and reporting. Some of the key things here are alerts, Syslog, events, isi commands, log files, CEE, SNMP, and SMTP. Subsequently, you should highlight the multiprotocol permissions, user identity mapping, reporting mechanisms, and protocol auditing.

    • OneFS Storage Efficiency and other related services ― 20%

      Go through SmartQuotas and SnapshotIQ and learn how to implement these according to the protocols. Small File Storage Efficiency is another critical subject, together with SyncIQ architecture and data migrations. Therefore, you need to pick up all its methodologies and policies for a more efficient job role.

    • Disaster Recovery solutions ― 17%

      Going back to DR, it’s a must that you have in-depth knowledge in the field of designing data recovery solutions, including Snapshots, SyncIQ and Deep Copy, failover and failback, and other third-party applications. Implementing NDMP as well as Cloud and Virtual Strategies is another relevant area that needs your focus.

    • Performance and monitoring ― 13%

      The final domain covers skills such as handling workflow impact, implementing data access acceleration, and using cluster performance analysis tools. You should also know the ways to uncover the major cause of performance issues so it’s much easier to work on the cluster performance metrics.

    Getting to Know the Career Advantages

    As an expert-level Dell accreditation exam, passing DEE-1421 is such an amazing feat that should be acknowledged. Aside from the obvious reward, which is the DCE – PowerScale Solutions certification, you also enjoy the perks of being a Dell-certified professional. With an exceptional badge on your profile, it’s easy for you to map out your aspirations in your career. And of course, the financial compensation is high.

    Pursuing a More Technical Path

    Since DEE-1421 exam relates to the expert level, it is the highest tier of the Dell Technologies Proven Professional path. Therefore, there’s no more certification from this particular technology that tops the list. However, you can still track down other paths that you deem useful to your career. You have several options at hand, including areas focusing on servers, security, networking, and such.

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