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    The ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) is a professional exam that is poised to position you or your organization as an industry expert and leader in utilizing Six Sigma methodologies and the DMAIC model. Passing this test and achieving the namesake certificate that comes with it is a sure way of earning yourself a mark of excellence. Significantly, the exam is a means towards certifying and portraying yourself as a trusted quality management professional, master business analyst, or excellent team manager who understands the importance of teamwork in an organization and can effectively assign roles towards achieving efficiency and timeliness. More so, the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt certification is best for those who may be interested in a career in such areas as the ones involving technical inspection, metrology, supply, engineering, healthcare, auditing, etc.

    Certification Requirements

    Attaining this ASQ designation comes with certain requirements that have to be met. Thus, one of those requirements is the need for the specialists to have either one accomplished project with a signed affidavit or two finished projects, also with signed affidavits. Also, as regards work experience, candidates are required to have been in a full-time paid role for a minimum of three years; internships and other non-full-time roles are not acceptable. In addition to the experience garnered, a prospective CSSBB professional is expected to exude such qualities as the abilities to think creatively, lead skillfully, communicate effectively, and relate efficiently. In other words, the professionals must possess a set of organizational soft skills that would help in ensuring the smooth sailing of the organization they belong to.

    Exam Details

    All in all, the CSSBB exam takes place in two different delivery modes which include computer-based testing (CBT) and the paper-based one. Both of them involve multiple-choice items and are aimed at testing the candidates’ level of understanding of the CSSBB Body of Knowledge (BoK). As for the CBT mode, the exam has only one part containing 165 questions and is conducted in the English language only. Moreover, 15 items out of 165 are unscored inquiries. The total amount of time allotted for the computer-delivered test is 4 hours and 18 minutes. As for the second mode (the PBT evaluation), the exam also has one part and is offered in English too. However, it contains 150 questions in total, involves a four-hour period of time, and may be offered in other languages such as Mandarin and Spanish in certain high-demand locations.

    Understanding Body of Knowledge (BoK) in Relation to Official Test

    As you may assume, the CSSBB exam questions are based on the Body of Knowledge (BoK) which contains a syllabus of all topics and concepts that should be known and understood by applicants in preparation for the actual certification test. The CSSBB BoK is thus divided into nine main sections from which a certain number of questions will be set:

    • Organization-Wide Devising & Execution (12 questions)

    Regarding this area, the candidates are expected to have reliable knowledge and understanding of how to make necessary plans and effectively deploy these plans towards improving their organizations. To achieve this, they need to understand the fundamentals of Six Sigma and lean methodologies, learn to apply Six Sigma in solving problems, understand the relationship between business systems as well as processes, and also know how to apply necessary tools in ensuring the achievement of planned initiatives. Furthermore, responsive leadership is essential in this section, which requires that the candidates also understand the importance of delegating roles & responsibilities, and applying innovative skills against possible barriers.

    • Management of Processes Including Measures (10 questions)

    This domain requires that the candidates get familiar with what it entails to successfully manage an organization. In particular, here, they need to understand the impacts of Six Sigma on the customers, the suppliers, and the generality of the stakeholders. For the best results, exam-takers should also learn to apply best methods and practices when it comes to benchmarking. The candidates need also consider the business aspects along the line of efficiently analyzing the organization’s general performance, all in a bid to ensure that adequate financial measures are employed.

    • Team Management (18 questions)

    The subsections subsumed here under the Team Management topic are team formation, facilitation, dynamics, and training. All these, in general, require that the candidates have a careful understanding of the various complexities that trail the formation, existence, management, and continuity of a team. The subtexts in this case also indicate that while certain decisions and methods may be applicable to some team members, they may not be applicable to others. Therefore, candidates are to have a careful understanding of this simple but delicate aspect of the organization.

    • Define (20 questions)

    This scope emphasizes the need to bridge the gap between a business and its customers, such that the business organization understands the needs of the customers and how best to meet their needs. This tested area also accentuates the importance of setting measurable goals and objectives, tracking costs, revenues, customer satisfaction, and also making use of certain necessary tools such as the Project Management tools (gantt charts, toll-gate reviews, etc.) and the analytical tools (affinity diagrams, tree diagrams, etc.). Candidates have to get a good grip of the section to clear the final CSSBB test.

    • Measure (25 questions)

    Under this portion, the candidates will need to understand how to identify and make use of process flow metrics as well as the various process analysis tools. Another aspect of this domain is data collection which would require knowing the different kinds of data existing, sampling them, and employing them to the best of their usability. Other aspects include the need to understand measurement systems and how they can be applied, basic statistics and how plausible conclusions can be drawn from it, probability and how it can be employed in efficient distribution, and, finally, process capability and its long & short term effects on the organization.

    • Analyze (22 questions)

    This objective, basically, involves measuring and modelling relationships between variables, the features of hypothesis testing, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and extra analysis methods like root cause, waste, and gap analysis.

    • Improve (21 questions)

    This section involves the Design of Experiments (DOE), lean practices, and deployment. It generally is concerned with ensuring improvements through certain experiments, careful studying, and planning, as well as implementing these plans to ultimately achieve optimum results.

    • Control (15 questions)

    This is where candidates have to know about different controls such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), other controls, and how to maintain them. The final item in this subcategory here is how to sustain improvements, which involves documenting the lessons learned from the phases of a project and applying such lessons towards improving other activities in the organization.

    • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Architecture and Methodologies (7 questions)

    Here, candidates have to get themselves familiar with general DFSS methods, design for X (DFX), and robust outlines. In particular, within such a topic, you’ll be enlightened on DMADV & DMADOV principles, design constraints, and the components of statistical tolerancing.

    Career Opportunities

    The ASQ CSSBB is an internationally recognized and reputed designation and will, hence, serve to provide a boost in the career of anyone who attains it, both on the personal and the organizational levels. As a matter of fact, CSSBB professionals are trained to create exceeding results for their organizations through the use of statistical analysis and Six Sigma tools. Thus, this certification gives them a wider career path ranging from being business analysts and consultants to being process improvement professionals, and so on. Moreover, the certification helps to improve the professionals’ chances of obtaining new jobs with relative ease, as it automatically establishes such individuals as well-committed and self-motivated. As a consequence, good promotion offers and better salary scales are assured for certified specialists. An average CSSBB holder, as found via, earns up to $101,797 per year.

    Certification Path

    If you’re striving for perfection and want to further polish your skills in the area of Six Sigma, then you can sustain your education by opting for the ASQ Master Black Belt (MBB) certification, which is a natural step to take after the CSSBB.

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