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    CIW is an international vendor specialized in Web and IT technology certification and education programs. The CIW accreditations validate the candidates’ skills in mastering technology-driven activities and keep the business competitive on the market.

    CIW Certification Program Overview

    The professionals who want to get CIW-certified can apply for the following accreditation paths:

    • Web Foundations Series focus on those professionals who want to learn how to use the internet at their job. It includes three certifications. The candidates can obtain the CIW Network Technology Associate, CIW Site Development Associate, and CIW Internet Business Associate accreditations.
    • The Web and Mobile Design Series certificates focus on validating the applicants’ knowledge of social media, multimedia, web design, e-commerce, mobile applications, and data analysis.
    • The Web Design Series program includes two accreditations that cover web design and e-commerce topics. The candidates can choose either CIW Web Design Specialist or CIW E-Commerce Specialist certification.
    • The Web Development Series certificates focus on JavaScript, Databases, or Perl programs. The candidates can choose between the CIW JavaScript Specialist, CIW Database Design Specialist, or the CIW Perl Specialist certification.
    • The Web Security Series certification program includes three options. The individuals can choose between CIW Web Security Associate, CIW Web Security Professional, or CIW Web Security Specialist accreditations.

    Popular CIW Certifications

    The range of the available CIW certificates is quite broad, so everyone can find a suitable option that comes in line with professional interests and career expectations. However, there are some most popular accreditations, including the following examples:

    • CIW Web Foundations Associate

      CIW Web Foundations Associate is a certificate that focuses on validating the candidates’ skills in working with an IT business, website design, and databases. This certification targets IT professionals, business specialists, and legal professionals. It is perfect for individuals who use the Internet every day at their jobs. Once they get certified, they will verify their solid skills in working with databases, DNS, site development, as well as networking. Other topics included in the exam’s blueprint focus on testing the candidates’ knowledge of internet business, system maintenance, the management of end-user experience, HTMS, CSS, and more.

      This certification can be obtained after passing the CIW 1D0-610 exam. It consists of 90 questions, and students will be given 90 minutes to answer them. They have to gain a mark of at least 63,33% to het a pass status. However, there are some vendor’s prerequisites for the candidates. These include the familiarity with managing Microsoft Windows 7 or other similar operating systems as well as having any prior experience using the Internet or configuring networks and developing Web pages.

    • CIW User Interface Designer Certification

      The CIW User Interface Designer certification targets web designers, IT professionals, internet consultants, web and graphic artists, as well as internet consultants. The candidates for this accreditation should be ready to prove their skills in designing user interfaces with a special focus on creating interfaces for mobile devices. The individuals who take the certification exam also have to learn how to apply usability concepts, focusing on detectability, simplicity, and clarity. This certificate will be helpful for the professionals who want to leverage their web design skills for different domains such as sales or marketing. By going through the preparation process for this certificate, the candidates will learn how to design websites for different types of platforms such as tablets, desktops, or mobile devices.

      The exam necessary for obtaining this accreditation is coded 1D0-621. The applicants will receive 54 questions to which they need to answer in 75 minutes. The minimum passing score that they need to obtain is 74.07%. The vendor’s prerequisites include obtaining the CIW Site Development Associate certification. Those individuals who don’t hold this certification need to be able to demonstrate that they have the equivalent knowledge. The second prerequisite would be to have the CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist certification or equivalent knowledge as well.

      As for the tested topics, the candidates will need to focus on managing user interface design projects. Also, they should gain skills in managing the user interface design process. Another topic included in the test’s syllabus includes the user-centered web design and user interface design principles. The professionals who want to get accredited should also gain knowledge of typography, color, and layout, as well as learn how to design the basic web page interface. Finally, the candidates will be required to demonstrate their capacity to manage the website navigation concepts, work with user interface design, and develop SEO strategies.

    • CIW Internet Business Associate Certification

      The individuals who decide to obtain the CIW Internet Business Associate certification have to learn about technologies related to web technologies. The target audience for this certificate is formed of IT professionals, marketing professionals, business professionals, or individuals working in the healthcare industry. This certification aims to validate one’s skills in working with internet connection methods and protocols. These individuals are expected to develop a basic understanding of working with Web browsers and the Web address components. The candidates will also learn about the browser’s add-ons and plug-ins.

      The certification exam that the applicants need to take has the code 1D0-61A and includes 90 questions. The vendor doesn’t give details on the inquiries’ format. So, the professionals should get ready for quite a difficult test. The allotted time is 30 minutes while a minimum score needed to succeed in this assessment is 66.66%.

      CIW mentions that the applicants who want to obtain this accreditation should be familiar with Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7. On the other hand, the vendor doesn’t have any mandatory conditions when it comes to having experience using the Internet, so the applicants are not required to know how to develop web pages or configure networks.

    Career Prospects

    An individual who becomes CIW-certified can apply to well-paid positions, such as Java Architect, Web Designer, and many others. As per the information available on Payscale, a Java Architect can win an annual salary of $118k annually. Also, a Web Designer can reach an annual payment of $51k.

    Certification Path

    Each of the CIW accreditation paths has its own steps. For instance, a professional who obtained the CIW Internet Business Associate certification can advance in his/her career by taking the next certificate included in this exact program. Therefore, they can earn the CIW Site Development Associate and CIW Network Technology Associate accreditations.

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