Pass 3V0-624 Certification Exam Fast

3V0-624 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by VMware with new exam.

VMware 3V0-624 Exam Details

The professionals who want to build a career in the field of virtualization and are ready to make a breakthrough by upgrading their competence, should consider taking the VMware 3V0-624 exam that is also called VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Design. This test evaluates the candidates’ ability to design solutions in accordance with the requirements set by customers. Also, it validates one’s skills in establishing the functional prerequisites needed to create a logical design and architect a physical design with the use of these elements.

Associated Certification Path

After excelling in the VMware 3V0-624 exam, one becomes qualified to acquire the VMware Certified Advanced Professional — Data Center Virtualization Design certification. This certificate proves one’s solid understanding of end-user computing environments. Also, it verifies the individual is able to design solutions that meet different goals and can provide valuable recommendations related to them. Generally, by getting accredited, professionals verify their knowledge of methodologies and principles of virtualization design for the data center.

Target Audience

The ideal candidate for 3V0-624 exam is one with the right competencies and experience that involve the ability to develop a conceptualization plan based on provided customer requirements, determine functional requirements for creating a logical plan, and architecting a physically oriented design while utilizing specific elements.

To be eligible for the VMware 3V0-624 test, the applicant needs to have advanced knowledge and skills associated with computing environments and creating VMware solutions. The advanced experience includes ability in comprehending computing requirements for end-user and skills in recommending and designing VMware solutions that meet specific targets and requirements. Also, candidates should possess a professional-level certificate in Data Center Virtualization 2020 or 2019. Attending a course to meet the demands of the exam would be a great idea as well.

Main 3V0-624 Exam Details

When sitting for 3V0-624 test, one will be given 135 minutes to answer 60 questions. The tasks are provided in different formats such as drag and drop, multiple choice, and matching. As for the score you have to achieve to ace the exam, it is 300 points out of 500. Notice, that 3V0-624 is available in English only. If the candidate fails to meet the minimum passing grade, they ought to wait for 7 days before another attempt.

Registration Process and Fees

Pearson VUE is a platform known for administering a wide range of certification exams, and VMware 3V0-624 is also among them. So, the process of registering is very simple. You have to create an account, log in, and schedule the needed exam. Also, remember to pay an enrollment fee which is $450 in this case.

Topics Covered by 3V0-624

The VMware 3V0-624 exam covers the following three domains:

  • Creating vSphere 6.5 Conceptual Design

    This involves gathering and analyzing business requirements as well as application requirements, and determining risks, constraints, requirements, and assumptions.

  • Creating vSphere 6.x Logical Design from Existing Conceptual Design

    This domain covers mapping business requirements when it comes to vSphere 6.x logical design, mapping service dependencies, building availability requirements along with manageability requirements and performance requirements. Other topics included are coming up with recoverability and security requirements.

  • Creating vSphere 6.x Physical Design from Existing Logical Design

    This section delves into transitioning from a logical design for vSphere 6.x, creating a vSphere 6.x physically oriented network and storage plans from a logical design that is already in place, and determining the right resources for computer for a physically oriented design for vSphere 6.x. Other topics cover determination of VM configuration and options for managing data center targeting the physical design for vSphere 6.x.

    To know more about the subtopics involved in the outline, download the official blueprint and train with up to date resources.

Career Opportunities, Roles, and Salary

With the wide reach that VMware products and solutions enjoy, the company has continued to dominate the market share for server virtualization. This implies companies will constantly be looking for individuals who are qualified and competent in this sphere. Today’s employment climate favours such professionals who know how to design, administer, and support solutions for VMware. They can be resellers or consulting firms that require skilled workers who are capable of proposing solutions to consumers.

Once you gain the VMware Certified Advanced Professional — Data Center Virtualization Design certification, you can apply for a more extensive variety of roles. For instance, these are a virtualization engineer, data center engineer, and senior systems engineer, to name a few. These specialists collaborate with architects, executives, and project managers in delivering valuable solutions within the required time.

Engineers working with VMware solutions are expected to apply high-level technical and business principles to determine and provide optimum solutions. Their responsibilities include evaluating, designing, integrating, and consulting with customers and team members right from the planning to designing and to the implementation phase. When it comes to salary, PayScale states that specialists with VMware VCAP certificates can earn about $108k on average per year. With more years of experience, one will command an even higher pay.

Certification Validity

VMware no longer makes it mandatory for certified individuals to renew their certification. This means the decision to recertify or upgrade is left to you. However, it would be best to keep credibility and skills up to date by earning a higher certificate or upgrading. This ensures your knowledge and abilities remain recent and that accreditation does not become obsolete or lose value. Rapid technological changes and the advances in VMware solutions and products make it vital to continue keeping one’s skills current.

Next Certification

The VCAP-DCV Design is a professional certification, which means after obtaining it, one has prospects to progress towards an expert-level certificate. VMware Certified Design Expert – Data Center Virtualization (VCDX-DCV) would be ideal in this case. It falls within the highest certification level of VMware’s portfolio and is for design architects with advanced skills in deploying VMware solutions. Earning it involves designing a project and defending it successfully.