Pass 2V0-51.19 Certification Exam Fast

2V0-51.19 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by VMware with new exam.

VMware 2V0-51.19 Exam Details

VMware 2V0-51.19 is a standard exam that helps individuals to excel in their IT career in case they are interested in cloud solutions and virtualization. This test is one of the requirements for earning the VCP-DTM – Desktop and Mobility 2020 certification that has no mandatory recertification requirement. The second exam one has to pass to get accredited is 2V0-01.19. Successful candidates are also given a badge that can be shared on social media to attract potential employers and demonstrate proved competence in the field.

Target Audience of VMware 2V0-51.19 Exam and Certification

The VMware 2V0-51.19 exam is designed for people who have experience in vSphere 6.7 and Horizon 7.5 or 7.6. It verifies one’s abilities in using these solutions as well as supporting their components and other related products. Overall, its associated VCP-DTM certification tests the candidate’s knowledge of designing, installing, configuring, and administering various features of VMware Horizon environments. This certificate solidifies one’s competence in dealing with the germane functions surrounding a VMware Horizon, particularly in a View setting. It also verifies technical mastery which assures businesses and employers that the certification holder can deliver top-notch services to end-users, may it be virtual desktops, apps, and other online tools.

Knowledge Prerequisites

2V0-51.19 has no strict prerequisites in terms of knowledge or skills. Still, it’s recommended by the vendor that candidates have up to a year of experience working with VMware Horizon, including its installation, maintenance, and providing operations. Also, 2-5 years of general IT background is suggested along with a basic understanding of managing vSphere, host networking and storage, virtual machines, HA, and DRS.

Important Features of 2V0-51.19 Exam

The VMware 2V0-51.19 exam runs for 105 minutes, with a total number of 65 questions. The questions are formatted into drag & drop as well as single and multiple choice. To pass the test, the candidates have to earn at least 300 points out of 500.

The registration process can be done through the Pearson VUE website. To complete it, one should create an account, choose the section “Proctored Exams”, search for 2V0-51.19, and follow the hints prepared by the platform. During registration, the enrollment fee of $250 should be paid as well.

What Domains Are Covered by VMware Professional Horizon 7.7 Exam?

VMware test 2V0-51.19 is designed to refine one’s technical skills in handling different VMware Horizon 7.7 functions. It includes tasks that check the abilities in configuration, deployment, management, optimization, maintenance, and troubleshooting of this solution. The questions one will face during the exam are compiled into six domains that are the following:

  • Creating and configuring Horizon Pools, customizing RDSH Server;
  • Installing and configuring Identity Manager;
  • Working with Horizon Server Components, including solving the connectivity issues;
  • Administering User Environment Manager;
  • vRealize Operations, the use of Horizon Broker Agent;
  • Configuring Manage App Volumes.

The first tested area of the Professional Horizon 7.7 exam concentrates on Creating and Configuring Horizon Pools as well as customizing RDSH servers. In addition to this, it assesses one’s skills needed to work with desktop images.

The second domain focuses on the Installation of VMware Identity Manager and performing configuration tasks. Also, this section covers the processes the professional should handle when working with VMware Identity Manager such as its management, configurations, and installation.

The third part of the exam content addresses Working with Horizon Server Components, including solving the connectivity issues arising between them. This domain also focuses on the applicants’ ability to choose appropriate techniques to prepare the environment for Horizon 7.7, analyze End User needs for Display Protocol Performance, and regulate steps to configure the Horizon components & their implementations. Finally, this section requires one to demonstrate knowledge of various procedures related to installation and usage of Horizon Components.

The fourth exam section emphasizes different operations associated with the User Environment Manager. To answer the questions under this domain, candidates should be proficient in performing installation of this solution, configure it efficiently, and ensure effective management.

The next section of 2V0-51.19 test covers vRealize Operations for Horizon. One should be skilled in configuring such operations as well as show proficiency in using the Horizon Broker Agent. This topic also involves concepts related to the installation of the adapter instance.

Performing installation, configuration, and management of App Volumes are the main topics involved in the sixth domain of this exam. In addition, the candidate must know about managing VMware writeable Volumes as well as administering VMware AppStacks.

What Are The Career Opportunities VCP-DTM Certified Professional Can Get?

The VMware Certified Professional – Desktop and Mobility 2020 certification improves your chances to get hired with decent salaries in the following job roles:

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure engineer
  • VMware Horizon view administrator
  • Virtualization engineer
  • Virtual server administrator
  • Virtual management engineer, etc.

When it comes to compensation, a survey held by PayScale states that the average annual pay for VMware Certified Professionals is about $94k. Speaking in detail, the Virtual Server Administrator is earning around $65k per year, according to Glassdoor, while the annual income of professionals with skills in virtualization is about $77k, as stated by PayScale. Many Top companies are choosing VMware certified individuals for their IT organizations, such as IBM, Dell, and Nutanix, and many more.

Further Certification Path

Passing the VMware 2V0-51.19 exam is a striking step in boosting one’s skills in VMware Horizon 7.7. It’s a challenging path that rewards you with incredible career benefits, from professional growth to monetary perks. Moreover, after becoming VCP-DTM 2020 certified, professionals can advance by obtaining a certificate of the higher level which is VMware Certified Advanced Professional. The options available include VCAP-DTM Deploy 2020 as well as VCAP-DTM Design 2020. Once acquired any of these certifications, individuals can upgrade and make a handsome salary in the area of their interest. As mentioned at PayScale, a remuneration for VCAP accredited experts is about $108k on average annually.