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    Veeam is an intelligent data management backup and disaster recovery solution which focuses on ensuring hyper availability and uptime for its users. To align the functionality of this service, the certifications like the Veeam Certified Engineer and the Veeam Certified Architect were introduced.

    VMCE - Veeam Certified Engineer

    The Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) validates one's knowledge and skills to perform tasks with Veeam solutions. This confirms that the individual has surpassed the necessary technical levels to correctly implement, configure, and manage the Veeam availability suite.

    Mandatory Prerequisites

    As for the mandatory prerequisites, the attendees are expected to be experienced specialists with a solid knowledge of servers, storage, networking, and visualization. They should also attend the Veeam Availability Suite v10: Configuration and Management training that acts as a prerequisite for the VMCE test.

    VMCE Exam Overview

    When it comes to the official test, an individual must go through certified authorized training and it is not possible to register for the VMCE through only self-studying the domains. Overall, such an exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions to answer within 60 minutes. However, if the native language of the country is not English, you will be granted an extra 30 minutes. The passing mark will be 70% for the VMCE exam. After the successful completion the attendees as expected to:

    • Have a solid understanding and the ability to comprehensively explain the Veeam availability suite components, practical scenarios of using, and the relevance of the domain to their environment.
    • Have a comprehensive skill to handle data availability in on-site, off-site, cloud, and hybrid environments.
    • Make sure that the Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) are achieved.
    • Install, configure, and operate the Veeam Availability suite to their respective environments. And ensure that the data is secured.
    • Ensure that the recovery is possible, effective, efficient, secure, and align with the legal aspects.
    • Perform basic troubleshooting and analysis of the tool.

    Content Covered through VMCE Test

    Questions from the following domains will appear in the final VMCE exam:

    • Introduction

      Under this domain, there will be a complete introduction to RTOs as well as RPOs and their impact on your business, the importance of having backups, and a brief introduction to some of the components in the Veeam Availability suite.

    • Constructing Backup Functions

      The different modes of backup that can be used and their functional impact on the underlying file system will be discussed in this section. You will be expected to have the knowledge to determine the most appropriate method to use depending on the situation. Furthermore, you will be tested on how to design, change, optimize, and remove jobs for backup and detail the specific tools together with methods to increase the performance of the environments.

    • Backup Restoring

      Your skills in introducing different tools that can be used in the restoration process and figuring out the most appropriate tool based on the situation will be assessed under this area along with disaster recovery methods and how to resist the malware restoration.

    • Copy Jobs Backup Features

      This part consists of covering simple vs. complex copy job backups, and handling them for an efficient recovery, and creating, modifying, and making use of tape jobs.

    • Replication

      Under this segment, your competence in identifying and describing the alternatives available for replication processes, the usage cases, and their impacts will be checked.

    • Failover

      Your ability to identify and elaborate on the failover peculiarities as well as their appropriate uses, development, preparation and testing redundancy plans to provide recovery, and finally, disaster recovery characteristics from the replica that comply with real-world scenarios will be tested.

    • Capabilities for Complex Repository

      Your mastery of assessing and selecting the most appropriate transport mode knowing its impact on the different functions of the backup framework, ensuring scalability by implementing the so-called off-site S3 storage, and supporting compatibility facets with the help of current duplication appliances will be checked in this sector.

    • Assessing Backup & Replication

      Questions on assessing diverse backups in addition to replicas to make sure that you can retrieve them once you need them, the configuration of the Veeam labs for data, and the use of the latter to monitor & stick to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules before referring restores to production will be present in the VMCE exam.

    • Backup Enterprise Manager by Veeam

      Under this section, you are expected to be able to cope with numerous Veeam Backup and replication installations including their features and have a sound knowledge of handling password encryptions and restoring data encrypted if losses or forgotten passwords occur.

    • Veeam ONE

      The ability to manage your physical, virtual, and cloud environments by utilizing Veeam ONE, the knowledge of configuring Veeam ONE which aligns with your customized requirements, and handling the Reporter of Veeam ONE will be assessed.

    • Support

      The candidate's skills in locating, migrating, and restoring backup configurations, incorporating appropriate support resources, and troubleshooting will be checked in your VMCE test.

    VEEAM VMCA Certification

    The VMCA certification, previously known as the VMCE-ADO (Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design & Optimization) is the highest level of Veeam certifications that requires you to pass VMCA v1 test. Overall, it is a certification designed for both professional consultants and system administrators. It talks about the skills and knowledge needed for sizing, scoping, designing, optimizing, automating, and troubleshooting the execution of the Veeam availability suite. The candidates should also have to have a clear understanding of security features & compliance attributes while dealing with the Veeam availability suite.

    Mandatory Prerequisites

    Before sitting for the Veeam VMCA v1 exam the attendees should have certain professional experiences, which usually include a sound knowledge of the servers, storage, networks, and visualization. Also, it is vital to enroll in the Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced Design & Optimization course as well as possess the VMCE certification that are the requisites for the VMCAv1 exam.

    VMCA v1 Test Overview

    This exam consists of 40 randomized questions which will be expected to be answered within 60 minutes. Just as in VMCE, for non-native English countries there is a time extension of another 30 mins. The exam questions are designed through the following study areas:

    • Design and sizing

      Here, you will get to know DNS, name resolutions, various BackUp Server, their databases, locations, and the size of the proxy.

    • Assessment of the infrastructure

      Within this section, candidates will cover POC stages, essential data collections as well as firewalls & networking.

    • Security

      Under the security area, applicants will understand how to deal with permissions for Oracle products, MS hyper-V, VMware if to name a few.

    • Optimization

      This topic will teach you to secure backup as well as replication implementation, deal with indexing, the accelerator for WAN, and various tapes servers.

    • Process automation

      Under this category, you’ll encounter the backup server of Veeam, its updates, and vSphere Tags.

    • Audit and compliance

      This section is dedicated to explaining SureBackup together with SureReplica.

    • Troubleshooting

      The final domain sheds light on how to solve issues with advanced diagnostic tools and will make you understand log files and the mode for troubleshooting.

    The exam passing mark is 70% and after the test, attendees will get a full breakdown of their grades with the explanations how he/she performed in each area, which will be helpful for anyone who is retaking the VMCA exam.

    Career Opportunities

    When it comes to career opportunities, over 70% of the fortune 500 companies use Veeam in their data center to provide availability services to the world. For an individual who has a sound knowledge of the Veeam domain, there are very many interesting career opportunities in the roles of Administrators, Engineers, Architects, Consultants, and more. Some of the top-paying positions that are available for Veeam certified jobseekers along with their average annual salaries taken from the PayScale platform are as follows:

    • System Administrators ($63k);
    • Senior System Engineers ($107k);
    • System Engineer ($81k);
    • Networking Administrators ($60);
    • Solution Architects ($119k).

    Career Path

    Once you complete the certification path offered by Veeam, you may want to pursue other vendor-specific or vendor-neutral certificates offered, for example, by Microsoft, Cisco, or CompTIA.

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