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    Pearson Test of English Academic is an AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence) English language exam (Computer-based) designed for non-native English speakers who wish to study overseas. Furthermore, PTE Academic scores are accepted by hundreds of institutions/universities and are approved for all visa and immigration categories in countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and more. In fact, this assessment provides universities, higher education institutions, government departments, and organizations requiring knowledge of academic English with a real-world measure of test takers' abilities.

    Intended Audience

    If you are a student or an employee looking to progress your career by taking a part-time or full-time qualification in a country such as Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, or Australia, taking the PTE exam is recommended. Indeed, the base level for applying for a student visa in a foreign country where English is the native language is to demonstrate proficiency in English. As a result, a relevant score in PTE is required. Some countries use a point-based method to process visa applications, so you must achieve your best results in PTE to get a good result for your approval.

    Therefore, PTE Academic is suitable for non-native English speakers who need to demonstrate academic English language mastery and prove themselves that they are suitable for university enrollment.

    Test Format

    When taking the exam, you will be required to present at a secured Pearson test center. The process is divided into three sections: listening, reading, and speaking as well as writing combined together. There is also a 10-minute pause between the reading and listening sections that is optional.

    During the test, you can encounter twenty different question formats, ranging from multiple choice to essay writing and knowledge interpretation. Following are the three parts of the exam explained in detail.

    Part 1 Speaking and Writing ( Approximately 90 minutes)

    Part 1 will put your speaking and writing skills to the test. This segment has a time limit of 77-93 minutes. Furthermore, your capacity to manage spoken English in an academic setting will be used to determine your speaking skills. Aside from that, the writing section would expect you to provide answers in academic English with proper grammar and spelling. You will be provided with a computer as well as a microphone, so make sure you have a clear understanding of how these devices operate. Discussed below are the main parts of the domain:

    • Personal Introduction

      This is your chance to tell your chosen university or school a little bit about yourself. You'll have 25 seconds to read, plan your answer, followed by 30 seconds to record it. This segment is not graded, but it will be sent along with your score report to the universities you chose.

    • Read Aloud

      In this section, you need to read a written text aloud. Depending on the duration of the paragraph, you have 30-40 seconds to plan. A beep sound is heard where the microphone gets opened. Make sure you have clear pronunciation and oral fluency.

    • Repeat Sentence

      Here you will hear a brief sentence. The main objective of this section is to check your delivery of the speech. Make sure you are smooth and natural-paced while talking. The microphone activates when the audio is done, and the recording indicator box shows "Recording." Instantly speak into the microphone, noting that there would be no beep tone.

    • Describe Image

      Here, you are required to describe an image so as to show if you can use the words appropriately. Make sure you express the meaning of the image precisely with the correct use of words. You will have 25 seconds to prepare, once you hear the beep sound and 40 seconds to provide the description.

    • Re-tell Lecture

      This section includes retelling a talk of your own words after hearing or watching it.

    • Answer Short Question

      In this section, you will be expected to answer the questions with one word or just a few of them. Make sure you know a variety of words, their meaning, and synonyms that can help you with the exam.

    • Summarize Written Text

      Here you will be provided with a lengthy paragraph where you need to write a summary. Make sure to include the main ideas in a full single sentence.

    • Essay

      In this section, you will be given 20 minutes to write an essay (200-300 words) on a given topic. You will be tested on the correct use of communicatively efficient production of written language, spellings, and grammar. Ensure you know how to create a clear structure and use various vocabulary ranges and general linguistic ranges.

    Part 2 Reading (Approximately 40 minutes)

    This part tests your vocabulary knowledge in different formats. Various tasks appear on a screen as listed below:

    • Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks (Adding the missing word and selecting the best word that suits the sentence)
    • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
    • Re-order paragraphs
    • Fill in the Blanks
    • Multiple Choice, Single Answer

    Part 3 Listening (Approximately 50 minutes)

    This section includes questions focused on video or audio clips that immediately start playing. Each clip is only heard once, so pay attention. Following are the various tasks that you will be tested on:

    • Summarize spoken text
    • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
    • Fill in the Blanks
    • Highlight correct summary
    • Multiple Choice, Single Answer
    • Select missing word
    • Highlight incorrect words
    • Write from dictation

    Benefits of Taking the PTE Test

    PTE provides global testing in over 350 centers in 70 countries, and one’s results are usually available within 48 hours. Besides, PTE incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) scoring, which ensures the English language skills are measured by an algorithm that accurately represents how human markers will score based on a large number of responses. This means that you will only be evaluated on your response with no biases. Moreover, when you begin the PTE exam, what you claim is compared to thousands of other answers by AI. PTE provides all test takers with unparalleled versatility due to the use of industry-leading technologies.

    Thousands of academic institutions across the globe consider PTE for study applications. It is also accepted for all student visa and migration applications in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. In fact, passing PTE with a high score will even get you university scholarships and many other benefits when processing your visa.

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