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  • PRINCE2 Certification Practice Test Questions, PRINCE2 Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real PRINCE2 Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. PRINCE2 Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with PRINCE2 Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's PRINCE2 Certification Practice Test Questions & PRINCE2 Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    PRINCE2 is a method of handling projects and a certification program that is run by AXELOS. The idea behind PRINCE2 is that projects should be broken down into more manageable chunks. PRINCE2 has two levels of certification which are Foundation & Practitioner.

    Who Is PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Aimed at?

    This certificate is designed for people who are project managers or wish to become project managers in the future, and for anyone who is responsible for managing projects as part of their job. This certificate is also valuable for those individuals who need to create, shape, and deliver projects such as Team Managers (like Product Delivery Managers), Project Supporters (like Project and Program Office workers), Project Assurance Staff (like Business Change Specialists), functional line managers, and finally, Project Board community (like Senior Owners with responsibility).

    What Does PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Exam Entail?

    This exam evaluates whether candidates understand the methodologies and concepts that make up PRINCE2 well enough to be able to successfully deploy them when working as part of a project management group in business settings that operate completely on PRINCE2 ideals. This is a one-hour exam made up of 60 MCQs and candidates need to score a 55% to pass it. The test can be taken in multiple languages such as Dutch, French, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, German, and English. This test needs no prerequisites but it is recommended that candidates participate in the official classes and training courses prior to taking the final exam. Once candidates ace this test, they’ll receive the PRINCE2 Foundation certification which they’ll need if they want to try for the PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate.

    What Topics Are Tested in PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Exam?

    The domains assessed in this exam are:

    • Comprehending the important ideas behind projects and PRINCE2 — here, candidates will learn things like which parts of project performance need to be directly controlled and the advantages of adopting PRINCE2.
    • Understanding how the established rules of PRINCE2 help the method work — areas such as learning from experience, delegating responsibilities, and process documentation are all addressed within this objective.
    • Knowing the goals of the PRINCE2 approach and how those come into action during a project — this category touches on aspects such as the plus points of management, circumstances for incorporating the business case approach, and the reasons why communication and management go together.
    • Grasping the steps involved in PRINCE2 and knowing how those steps fit into the project — this segment highlights all the steps included in the PRINCE2 approach and what each step tries to accomplish.

    What Career Opportunities Can PRINCE2 Foundation Certified Specialists Receive?

    The range of job roles that certificate holders can opt for include the following:

    • Project Manager;
    • Junior Service Delivery Manager;
    • Management Consultant;
    • Project Associate;
    • Technical Project Manager.

    Better yet, all these positions have rather high pay. states that the average annual income of a Project Manager is $88,841 and for a Junior Service Delivery Manager the figure is as much as $51k. The yearly earnings of a Management Consultant can be around $88k, and for a Project Associate, the salary range is between $38k - $70k. The salary per annum for a Technical Project Manager can be as high as $93,360.

    Who Is PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Intended for?

    Just like the PRINCE2 Foundation, the PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate is also for those candidates who are currently working as Project Managers or are looking to become Project Managers in the future. It is also targeted at employees responsible for creating, shaping, and delivering projects, so includes individuals like Board members, Project Supporters, functional line workers and supervisors, Business Change Specialists, and finally, Team Managers.

    What Are PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Exam Details?

    This exam assesses the candidate’s ability to deploy and customized the methodologies of PRINCE2 for different business settings and project scenarios. This is a very aptitude-oriented test and students are allowed to have their manual book open in front of them during this 150-minute exam. There will be 68 questions in such a test and students must obtain at least 38 marks to pass. As for prerequisites, students must have any one of the following certifications before they are eligible to sit for this exam: the PRINCE2 Foundation or above, IPMA Level A, B, C, or D, the Certified Associate in Project Management qualification, PMP or PMQ, or lastly, the Project Professional Qualification. Those who can get through this exam will attain the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, which is valid for 3 years and can be renewed later on.

    What Domains Are Tested in PRINCE2 Practitioner Test?

    The topics assessed in this exam include:

    • Putting the ideas of PRINCE2 in action for different scenarios and contexts — here, students will see how PRINCE2 ideals are put to use in real life under varying conditions.
    • Making use of and customizing the goals of PRINCE2 for different situations — the subject matter for this domain includes deciding the appropriateness of using the business case theme, looking at the disadvantages of PRINCE2, and planning & executing projects.
    • Deploying and adjusting the various steps involved in PRINCE2 for a given context — in this final topic, candidates will learn how to start and direct the activities of a project, learn the necessary actions required to complete the project, and finally, understand how PRINCE2 is being applied throughout the whole process.

    What Careers Can Certified PRINCE2 Practitioner Individuals Pursue?

    Those with this certification can pursue careers such as:

    • Operations Project Manager;
    • Business Analyst;
    • Service Delivery Manager;
    • Information Security Program Manager.

    Those roles also come with high payouts. According to, the average income per annum of an Operations Project Manager is $73,544. IT Business Analysts earn an average annual income of $69,149 while Service Delivery Managers make around $85,605. Finally, the yearly salary of Information Security Program Managers can reach highs of $113,500. A flexible future, lasting skills, career opportunities, and high payouts - all these make the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications very valuable and it will definitely be worth investing in them.

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