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Oracle Oracle SQL 1z0-071 Practice Test Questions, Oracle SQL Exam Dumps, Verified Answers

    • 1z0-071 Questions & Answers

      1z0-071 Questions & Answers

      260 Questions & Answers

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      1z0-071 Online Training Course

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      1z0-071 Study Guide

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  • Oracle Oracle SQL Certification Practice Test Questions, Oracle Oracle SQL Certification Exam Dumps

    Real Oracle Oracle SQL Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate Oracle Oracle SQL Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate Oracle Oracle SQL Exam Dumps & Oracle Oracle SQL Certification Practice Test Questions.

    The examinees who decide to obtain the Oracle SQL certifications like the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate and the Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional will get the necessary knowledge of how to manage Oracle SQL features and grasp how to properly deal with the code infrastructure for apps.

    Ideal Applicants for These Two Oracle SQL Designations

    The ideal audience who can obtain the aforementioned Oracle SQL certificates is those applicants who want to gain knowledge on fundamental SQL concepts. Also, they should be interested in understanding how to work with the Oracle Database server. Plus, they should gain a working knowledge of deleting, inserting, and updating SQL statements. For example, they should be interested in working with Data Definition and Data Control Language. Moreover, the candidates who want to get certified should be interested in learning the advanced PL/SQL features. In all, through these certifications, candidates should get familiar with application code architecture and understand how to provide the necessary guidance at a strategic level.

    What to Know about Oracle SQL Certifications?

    Getting the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate and the Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional will require you to sit for two exams. The test for the associate-level certificate is coded 1z0-071 and it comprises 78 multiple-choice items. All in all, the exam-takers will need to complete all items within 120 minutes, during which they will have to reply correctly to 63% of all inquiries. The professional-level exam is known as 1z0-148. This one includes 75 questions that have a multiple-choice format. The candidates are allotted 110 minutes to answer 62% of all questions correctly. The registration fee for each exam is $245. To schedule these validations, the candidates will need to open an account on CertView. Then, they will be redirected to the Pearson VUE portal to accomplish the payment procedure and register for the final tests. Also, once they finish taking the exams, the candidates can check their results. All they need to do is to check their CertView account in 30 minutes after taking the two tests.

    Topics Tested for Obtaining Oracle SQL Certifications

    By taking the first exam, 1z0-071 by code, the candidates will showcase that they possess the following skills:

    • Explaining the concepts for relational databases

      This topic tests the candidates’ ability to explain the relationship between SQL and a database. Also, the candidates should understand how to relate clauses to ERD components from the SQL Statement.

    • Using the statement for SQL SELECT to retrieve data

      Here, exam-takers should develop an in-depth knowledge of using statements for SQL SELECT alongside the aliases for columns. Besides, they have to know how to make use of arithmetic expressions together with NULL values in the SELECT statement. Another subtopic included in this chapter tests the candidates' ability to use the concatenation operator and the DISTINCT keyword.

    • Restricting & selecting data

      Under this domain, the candidates will have to be able to apply the definite rules of precedence so that operators could use them in an expression. Moreover, they should become familiar with how to limit rows that have been returned in a SQL statement and use variables for the substitution. They should also know how to use the commands of VERIFY and DEFINE.

    • Manipulating data via utilizing single-rows & their functions for output customization

      This objective focuses on assessing the candidates’ ability to deal with numbers that have the functions of MOD, TRUNC, and ROUND. They should also need to be aware of how to accomplish arithmetic functions with date dates with the date function.

    • Using functions for conversion as well as conditional expressions

      In this part, the exam-takers should demonstrate that they know how to use different functions such as COALESCE, NULLIF, TO_CHAR, TO_DATE, and TO_NUMBER. Apart from that, they need to understand how to handle the implicit as well as explicit conversion of the data given.

    • Managing tables with DML statements

      This section, in particular, focuses on evaluating the candidates’ knowledge of controlling transactions and performing multi-table inserts. Plus, they should keep in mind how to perform merge statements and manage database transactions.

    • Managing tables with DDL and understanding the relationship between them

      The entrants should know how to truncate tables as well as use and create temporary ones. Also, they will be taught how to describe and work with columns, tables, and data types. Furthermore, they will find questions related to the creation of tables and how they can set columns UNUSED or drop them.

      In addition, 1z0-071 test will check the candidates’ knowledge of how to manage sequences, indexes, views management, give the proper access to users, grant the correct type of privilege on tables, and manage objects with Data Dictionary Views. Also, working with time zones to manage data, creating, restricting, and taking advantage of group functions in order to report data that has been aggregated will also be looked at within the sections of such an exam. What’s more, you should showcase your skills in using self-joins, joins for OUTER, and other types of those to transfer the necessary data from the tables that are commonly multiple. Lastly, finding the relevant solutions for the queries with multiple and single-row subqueries and using MINUS, UNION ALL, UNION, or INTERSECT operators to match the SELECT statements and in set operations will be meticulously investigated by the official exam.

      The second 1z0-148 exam checks if the candidates have the following abilities:

    • Understanding and managing codes for PL/SQL

      As for the details of this objective, it measures the applicants’ skills in using DBMS_SQL functions and using variables for a cursor. Additionally, examinees should know how to identify the cursor design guidelines and create new subtypes with the help of the existing ones.

    • Manipulating collections and understanding how to work with them

      This domain checks the candidates' knowledge of using nested collections and the collection of objects. Also, they should demonstrate that they can distinguish between the given collection kinds and understand their usage.

    • Creating and maintaining large objects

      In such a portion, the candidates should become familiar with using temporary LOBs as well as differentiating between internal & external LOBs. They also need to keep in mind the way to use the package for DBMS_LOB PL/SQL.

    • Optimizing PL/SQL code and tuning its performance

      Here, the candidates show that they can enable inlining that is intraunit and use the DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE package. Moreover, your skills in how to utilize interpreted as well as native methods for compilation alongside the optimization of the PL/SQL code will be looked at by this part.

    • Improving performance with caching

      Under this sector, you will have to gain skills in handling session dependencies in a result cache function. Then, you should also be aware of how to install PL/SQL functions and Invoker’s Right function result caching. Besides, the candidates will find questions that test their capacity to explain the invalidation of cache results.

    • Using conditional compilation and compile time warnings during PL/SQL analysis of codes

      The candidates will need to gain skills in using the dictionary views and the packages for supply to access the information for coding. Also, they should become pros in determining identifier usages and types with PL/Scope. Finally, applicants have to know how to use the DBMS_METADATA bundle for the creation of DDL.

    What Are Opportunities & Salaries for Oracle SQL Certified Specialists?

    The individuals who decide to become Oracle SQL specialists will be able to opt for the below-mentioned roles once they get certified:

    • Database Developer;
    • Database Administrator.

    As for the benchmark developed by the website, the average yearly income that an accredited Oracle Database Developer can ask is $91k. Besides, an Oracle Database Administrator can get an annual pay of almost $96k.

    Certification Prospects

    The candidates who take the certification exams for the Oracle SQL certifications can leverage their careers by obtaining other professional and specialist certificates offered by Oracle. Thus, the aspiring candidates can pursue such designations as the Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 7 Application Developer, or the Oracle Cloud Platform Systems Management 2020 Certified Specialist.

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  • Oracle Oracle SQL Certification Exam Dumps, Oracle Oracle SQL Practice Test Questions And Answers

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