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    • 1z0-808 Exam Questions

      Oracle 1z0-808 Practice Exam

      Java SE 8 Programmer

      This 1z0-808 exam bundle includes 3 products: 234 Questions & Answers, 143 Video Lectures, 542 Study Guide PDF Pages.

    • 1z0-809 Exam Questions

      Oracle 1z0-809 Practice Exam

      Java SE 8 Programmer II

      This 1z0-809 exam bundle includes 3 products: 207 Questions & Answers, 57 Video Lectures, 914 Study Guide PDF Pages.

    • 1z0-816 Exam Questions

      Oracle 1z0-816 Practice Exam

      Java SE 11 Programmer II

      This 1z0-816 exam bundle includes 2 products: 80 Questions & Answers, 983 Study Guide PDF Pages.

    • 1z0-900 Exam Questions

      Oracle 1z0-900 Practice Exam

      Java EE 7 Application Developer

      This 1z0-900 exam bundle includes 1 product: 142 Questions & Answers.

  • Oracle Oracle Java Certification Practice Test Questions, Oracle Oracle Java Certification Exam Dumps

    Real Oracle Oracle Java Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate Oracle Oracle Java Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate Oracle Oracle Java Exam Dumps & Oracle Oracle Java Certification Practice Test Questions.

    The Oracle Java certifications help those individuals who want to become experts in managing Java architecture and gain an advanced understanding of how Java principles work. With these Oracle Java endorsements, the successful candidates get the necessary skills to become experienced Java developers.

    Target Audience for Java Validations

    The ideal candidates for obtaining the Oracle Java certifications are Java programmers who want to strengthen their skills in managing Java products and features. They should also be interested in developing high-level abilities and desire to become professional Java developers. In addition, by enrolling to get these designations, the exam-takers will get the opportunity to validate their skills in programming and developing new applications with the help of the Java platform. Therefore, these validations become interesting for back-end and front-end application developers, software engineers, or architects as well.

    How to Obtain Oracle Java Certification

    The specialists who want to gain in-depth knowledge on operating the Java platform and get certified will need to pass the following exams:

    • Java SE 8 Programmer I coded 1z0-808 (Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification);
    • Java SE 8 Programmer II coded 1z0-809 (Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer certification);
    • Java SE 11 Developer 1z0-819 (Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer certification);
    • Java EE 7 Application Developer or 1z0-900 (Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 7 Application Developer certification).

    Each exam has a different structure, but they also have some things in common. All of them are proctored tests and require candidates to open an account on the CertView platform. Also, they have a registration fee of $245 per test. Once candidates finalize opening the account, they will be redirected to the Pearson VUE site to finalize the registration and choose the date and time when they can take each test. Test 1z0-808, in particular, includes 70 multiple-choice questions. The candidates will have to solve them in 150 minutes and get the minimum passing score of 65%. The second exam, coded 1z0-809, includes 85 multiple-choice inquiries. The allotted time is 150 minutes as well. In this case, the minimum passing score is also 65%. The Oracle 1z0-819 test is to strengthen your knowledge of programming Java features. This validation includes 50 items which should be solved in 90 minutes. The candidates need to obtain a minimum passing score of 68% to be successful in the official test. The final exam coded 1z0-900 consists of 70 questions to which the candidates will need to find the correct answers in 110 minutes. In this case, the minimum passing score that applicants need to obtain is 66%.

    Topics Tested in These Java Certification Exams

    Each of these exams tests the candidates’ knowledge of different topics, helping them to become professional developers in Java. Therefore, when it comes to the first test, 1z0-808 by code, the exam-takers should demonstrate that they possess the following skills:

    • Defining the main principles and understanding the basic concepts that Java uses for operating.
    • Declaring and initializing variables as well as knowing how to read object fields and working with Java Data Types.
    • Showing proficiency in using decision constructs and using operators as well as using a switch statement.
    • Declaring, instantiating, initializing, and using one and multi-dimensional arrays.
    • Creating, comparing, and using loop constructs.
    • Creating and overloading constructors as well as working with different methods and encapsulation.
    • Describing inheritance and understanding its benefits, as well as developing code and working with polymorphism.
    • Understanding how to describe the exception handling advantages as well as knowing how to handle unchecked exceptions and creating a try-catch block.
    • Manipulating data with the help of StringBuilder class as well as creating and manipulating Selected classes from the Java API.

    The second exam, 1z0-809, evaluates the candidates’ knowledge of the following topics:

    • Implementing polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance including composition and visibility modifiers as well as working with Java Class Design.
    • Developing code that uses the abstract methods and classes, as well as the final keywords together with understanding how the Advanced Java Class Design works.
    • Creating and using ArrayList, TreeMap, TreeSet, a generic class, or the java.util.Comparator and java.lang.Comparable interfaces.
    • Using and building Lambda Built-in Functional interfaces and developing code that uses functional interface binary versions.
    • Sorting a collecting with the help of Java Stream API together with developing code that uses the Optional class
    • Using catch, try-catch, multi-catch, and finally clauses to create custom exceptions and test invariants.
    • Creating and managing Java SE 8 Date/Time API as well as knowing how to work with times and dates across different time zones.
    • Understanding Java I/O fundamentals together with reading and writing data from the console.
    • Using Stream API together with NIO.2 features & Files class for checking, deleting, copying, moving, and reading metadata of a file or directory.
    • Identifying potential threats problems while working with deadlock, livelock, starvation, and race conditions, as well as understanding how to handle Java Concurrency features.
    • Using JDBC to build database applications and submitting queries to read results from the database including returning result sets, creating statements, or iterating through the results.
    • Creating and reading a Properties file as well as reading and setting the locale by using the Locale object.

    If candidates want to be successful in 1z0-819 test, they will need to possess the following skills:

    • Using wrapper classes and primitives as well as knowing how to work with Java data types.
    • Creating and using loops and switch statements together with controlling Program flow.
    • Showing a Java object-oriented approach by defining and using fields and methods, together with creating and using super and subclasses.
    • Understanding how to handle exceptions by using the finally/catch/try clauses, or multi-catch statements but also understanding how to use and create custom exceptions.
    • Using generics and a Java array together with Deque collections, and becoming proficient in working with Collections and Arrays.
    • Implementing functional interfaces and using Lambda expressions while working with Java Streams.
    • Deploying, managing, and executing a Java Platform Module System.
    • Developing a thread-safe code and also creating worker threads with the help of Callable and Runnable functions.
    • Reading and writing console and file data with the help of Java I/O Streams and API.
    • Developing code that solves a security threat but also securing resource access by managing policies and executing privileged code.
    • Connecting and performing database SQL operations, and also processing query results with the help of JDBC API.
    • Using Locale functions, resource bundles, and Java APIs to implement localization.
    • Creating and applying annotations.

    The final exam has the code 1z0-900 and requires the candidates to prove that they have the following abilities:

    • Understanding how Java EE Architecture works by describing the Java EE 7 standards, containers, and APIs, and making the difference between the app component functionalities.
    • Using JPA Entities and Bean Validation to manage persistence and handling entity data conversions, validations, and key generation.
    • Implementing business logic with the help of EJBs and also demonstrating that they understand how to control EJB transactions.
    • Using Java message service API and using transactions with JMS API.
    • Implementing SOAP services with the help of JAXB APIs and JAX-WS by creating SOAP Web Services and defining Java to XML Schema mappings.
    • Using servlets to create Java Web Applications and managing servlet life cycle with the help of WebFilters and container callback methods.
    • Describing JSP lifecycle, JSP syntax, handling errors with the help of Servlets and Java Server Pages.
    • Creating REST Services and applying REST in service conventions.
    • Producing and consuming, as well as decoding and encoding WebSocket messages together with understanding how to utilize WebSockets communication lifecycle and style.
    • Using JSFs to develop web applications as well as handling localization and producing messages.
    • Describing Java EE programmatic & declarative security and configuring authentication with the help of app roles and security constraints.
    • Using CDI Bean Qualifiers, together with Producers, Stereotypes, Events, Interceptors, and Disposers.
    • Using Concurrency API when working with Java EE 7 Applications.
    • Using and describing batch API jobs while operating the Java EE 7 Applications.

    Career Opportunities for Oracle Java Certified Specialists

    The individuals who add any Oracle Java certification to their resumes become valuable candidates for corporations and can apply for different roles such as:

    • Senior Java Developer;
    • Java Programmer;
    • Java Architect.

    As for the income, a Senior Java Developer can earn an average annual salary of $103k as offered by According to the same site, a Java Programmer can reach an offer of $64k as the average yearly salary while a Java Architect can get as much as $118k per year.

    Certification Prospects

    The candidates who opt for the Oracle Java certifications can leverage their careers by continuing to prepare for other designations offered by the vendor and which specialize in such fields as databases, systems, virtualization, etc.

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  • Oracle Oracle Java Certification Exam Dumps, Oracle Oracle Java Practice Test Questions and Answers

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