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    • 1z0-071 Exam Questions

      Oracle 1z0-071 Practice Exam

      Oracle Database SQL

      This 1z0-071 exam bundle includes 3 products: 260 Questions & Answers, 166 Video Lectures, 208 Study Guide PDF Pages.

    • 1z0-082 Exam Questions

      Oracle 1z0-082 Practice Exam

      Oracle Database Administration I

      This 1z0-082 exam bundle includes 2 products: 158 Questions & Answers, 202 Video Lectures.

    • 1z0-083 Exam Questions

      Oracle 1z0-083 Practice Exam

      Oracle Database Administration II

      This 1z0-083 exam bundle includes 1 product: 181 Questions & Answers.

  • Oracle Oracle DBA Certification Practice Test Questions, Oracle Oracle DBA Certification Exam Dumps

    Real Oracle Oracle DBA Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate Oracle Oracle DBA Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate Oracle Oracle DBA Exam Dumps & Oracle Oracle DBA Certification Practice Test Questions.

    The Oracle DBA certification path helps the individuals develop a set of advanced skills and understand how to manage an Oracle Database and which tools to use to improve the company’s processes and architecture.

    Target Audience for Oracle DBA

    The Oracle DBA certifications are suitable for those individuals who want to gain advanced skills in installing, patching, and upgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database. They should be also interested in creating and managing recovery and backup strategies with the help of the Recovery Manager tool. By earning the Oracle DBA designations, the exam-takers will be able to demonstrate that they possess a complete set of skills to perform daily operations related to the management of an Oracle Database system.

    How to Obtain Oracle DBA Certifications

    The candidates who want to become DBA certified will need to get the passing score in four different exams. They are the following along with the related certificates in brackets:

    • Database SQL 1z0-071 (Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate and Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate certificates);
    • Database Administration I coded 1z0-082 (Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional);
    • Database Administration II or 1z0-083 (Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional and Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional (Upgrade from 10g,11g, 12c, 12cR2 OCP designations);
    • MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator 1z0-888 (Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator).

    The first exam, which is 1z0-071 by code includes 78 multiple-choice questions. The candidates will have 120 minutes to get the right answers to a minimum of 63% of all questions. Also, the registration fee that the exam-takers will need to pay prior to taking this test is $245. The second exam is coded 1z0-082 and it contains 90 questions. The candidates should be prepared to answer multiple-choice inquiries for 150 minutes. The minimum passing score that the candidates will need to obtain is 60%. To register for this validation, they should pay a fee of $245. The third test has the code 1z0-083. It has a total number of questions of 85 to which the candidates will need to reply in 150 minutes. The successful candidates who pass this exam are those who obtain a score of 57%. For this exam, the registration fee is $245 as well. The final exam that the candidates will need to clear if they want to obtain the Oracle DBA certifications has the code 1z0-888. This one includes 75 questions that have a multiple-choice format. Also, the exam duration is 120 minutes. The exam-takers will need to obtain a minimum passing score of 58%. To be accepted to take this test, the candidates will need to pay a fee of $245. All these exams require candidates to register on the CertView platform. The next would be to go on the Pearson VUE site and finalize the payment as well as choosing the exam date and time.

    Topics Tested in Oracle DBA Certification Exams

    Each of the above-mentioned tests puts the candidates in different scenarios and requires them to demonstrate that they have certain skills. Therefore, 1z0-071 exam asks the candidates to validate the following skills:

    • Explaining how the physical and theoretical aspects relate to the database concepts.
    • Using column aliases, the SQL SELECT statement, or arithmetic expressions to retrieve data.
    • Applying rules and using substitutions to sort and restrict data.
    • Using SQL WHERE and SELECT clauses as well as single-row functions for output customization.
    • Understanding how to use NVL, COALESCE, NULLIF, and other conditional expressions and conversion functions to operate the Oracle database.
    • Becoming an expert in creating data groups, restricting group results, and using group functions.
    • Using self-joins and different other types of joins to display data from multiple tables.
    • Using single and multiple-row subqueries to solve different types of queries.
    • Using and matching SELECT statements and MINUS, UNION, UNION ALL, or INTERSECT operators.
    • Performing multi tables, delete, update, and insert operations to manage tables with the help of DML statements.
    • Showing expertise in indexes, synonyms, and sequences management.
    • Creating tables and describing Data and Columns Types to manage the relationships between tables with the help of DDL functions.
    • Managing views.
    • Ensuring the proper control of user access.
    • Using data dictionary views to manage objects.
    • Becoming skilled in managing data while working with different time zones.

    The second exam, 1z0-082, requires the candidates to demonstrate that they have the skills like these:

    • Understanding how Oracle Database Process and Memory Structure, Instance Configurations, Logical and Physical Structure, and Server Architecture work.
    • Using, starting up, and shutting down Oracle Database Instances, as well as Dictionary and Performance Views.
    • Assigning, applying, creating, and assigning profiles, roles, and privileges as well as administering different authentication methods.
    • Using external tables and SQL Loader to move data.
    • Utilizing the Database Configuration Assistant tool together with the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control or the Manager Database Express to access different categories of data.
    • Using and connecting Oracle Net Services Admin Tools to configure communications between database instances.
    • Viewing, creating, and managing Datafiles and Tablespaces to implement, move, and rename online data files.
    • Managing and understanding how the Undo feature works when it comes to transactions and data.
    • Using substitutions and limiting rows to restrict and sort data in a SQL statement.
    • Applying and understanding conditional expressions and conversion functions.
    • Using self-joins and other types of joins to display data from multiple tables.
    • Using different types of SET operators such as the INTERSECT, MINUS, or UNION operators.
    • Understanding how the data definition language feature works.
    • Managing the views.
    • Becoming an expert in managing data in Different Time Zones.
    • Using the DESCRIBE command and the SQL SELECT statement to retrieve data.
    • Using the WHERE and SQL SELECT clauses to manipulate strings and perform arithmetic with date data.
    • Restricting group results and creating data groups to report aggregated data.
    • Using single and multiple-row subqueries to solve queries.
    • Managing database transactions and tables with DML statements and data manipulation language.
    • Managing indexes, sequences, and synonyms.
    • Using and creating temporary tables to manage schema objects.

    The third validation, 1z0-083, requires the candidates to demonstrate that they have the following abilities:

    • Configuring and creating CDBs as well as new PDBs from a CDB seed.
    • Understanding how to manage PDB service names and managing the CDBs and PDBs shutdown, startup, and availability.
    • Performing recovery and backup of CDBs and PDBs as well as duplicating a database and an active PDB.
    • Performing the recovery and backup of active PDBs and CDBs.
    • Upgrading and transporting regular PDBs and CDBs.
    • Installing, upgrading, defining, and creating application PDBs.
    • Managing PDB lockdown profiles and auditing users in PDBs and CDBs.
    • Performing PDB and CDB flashback as well as restoring and recovering databases with RMAN backups.
    • Restoring and recovering concepts by employing the Oracle Database recovery technology.
    • Performing flashback operations and using its technologies.
    • Database duplication.
    • Using RMAN functions and configuring it.
    • Failure diagnosis.
    • Restoring and recovering databases with RMAN functions.
    • Installing and patching Grid Infrastructure by using Oracle Database features.
    • Gaining the skills to upgrade the current database to Oracle Grid Infrastructure.
    • Configuring and using Oracle Restart for components management.
    • Installing the Oracle Grid infrastructure to configure a standalone server.
    • Using availability and diagnosability enhancements.
    • Managing memory components and understanding how to monitor database performance.
    • Understanding and using different tools to tune SQL statements.

    The final test, 1z0-888 by code, requires the candidates to demonstrate the following skills:

    • Understanding how to create the initial MySQL configuration;
    • Understanding and explaining how MySQL architecture can be used to process requests and store data.
    • Getting the gist of how to use Server Options, Command Line, or Variables to configure MySQL.
    • Monitoring MySQL with Log Files, Performance Schema, and Status Variables.
    • Identifying different methods to ensure proper user management.
    • Checking out security risks and managing to protect the system by using MySQL security features.
    • Defining stability and maintaining a stable system by managing to use capacity planning and troubleshooting features.
    • Identifying slow queries and optimizing a query’s performance.
    • Understanding how backups can be achieved and developing a backup strategy.
    • Replicating conflicts and achieving to configure a replication topology.

    Career Opportunities for Oracle DBA Certification Holders

    An individual who manages to obtain any Oracle DBA certification is eligible to apply for roles such as:

    • Oracle Database Administrator;
    • Database Architect;
    • Database Analyst.

    According to, the average annual salary that an Oracle Database Administrator can receive is approximately $95k. Also, a Database Architect can reach an annual average salary of $114k while Database Analysts can get as much as $62k per year.

    Certification Prospects

    The candidates who want to move further in their career after obtaining the Oracle DBA certifications can opt for other popular designations offered by the vendor. Thus, they can pursue the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Certified Architect Professional or the Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer.

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  • Oracle Oracle DBA Certification Exam Dumps, Oracle Oracle DBA Practice Test Questions and Answers

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