Pass DES-1D12 Certification Exam Fast

DES-1D12 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Dell with new exam.

Dell DES-1D12 Exam Details

Boost your efficiency in various Dell tools by passing the Dell DES-1D12 exam. This develops your proficiency in positioning, sizing, and developing midrange storage solutions. So, if you want to give emphasis to your technical skills in designing solutions within the Dell EMC midrange storage arrays, this is definitely the most suitable path to take.

Uncovering the Associated Certification

If you complete the Dell DES-1D12 test successfully, this means that you are eligible to obtain the Specialist – Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Version 2.0 certification. Having it signifies your strong command of PowerStore midrange storage solutions as well as the Dell EMC Unity. But, before you are allowed to take the exam, you need to meet a prerequisite, which is having the Associate – Information Storage and Management certification. You may present one of the three versions available ― Version 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0. By having this associate-level endorsement, you ensure your readiness to pursue the more challenging accreditation.

Familiarizing the Exam Requirements

The Dell DES-1D12 exam asks candidates to answer 60 questions. The time limit set for this assessment is 120 minutes. Besides, you should get at least 60 points in order to fulfill the test requirements and secure the coveted specialist certification.

Recognizing the Main Topics

It’s very important that you have an in-depth understanding of the Dell EMC Unity and Dell EMC PowerStore. These are the primary subjects encompassing the exam, which expound more on the product configurations, design configurations, core practices, and key functionalities. Additionally, there will be topics that accentuate the tasks related to Dell EMC midrange storage such as positioning, sizing, and designing solutions within a customer environment.

Looking into the Exam Domains

The exam is divided into three main sections that correspond to the major knowledge areas an accredited professional should be proficient in. Each of these domains comes with a specific percentage to help you evaluate the weight of the topics to the test questions.

  • Dell EMC Midrange Architectures ― 25%

    Embark on your certification journey with learning more about the EMC Midrange architectures. The first subject in the spotlight is the Unity and Unity XT hardware, which involves the I/O components, enclosures, and storage media options. The next critical area is about the Unity and Unity XT storage resources and functions such as RAID functions and dynamic pools. Aside from EMC Unity, Dell EMC PowerStore also holds a significant part in the exam. So, explore the PowerStore hardware components, especially the internal components, controller and expansion enclosures models, and I/O expansion modules. PowerStore resources like caching, data reduction, PowerStore manager GUI, NVMe, and SSD are pivotal points as well, so make sure to go over these subjects thoroughly.

  • Dell EMC Midrange product solutions ― 55%

    Then, it’s time to learn about the EMC Midrange product solutions, starting with the Unity storage. Provision and access features like Files, Block, and VMware datastores, and distinguish the Unity advanced functions for Block storage such as host I/O limit availability, FAST Suite, D@RE, and thin clones. Subsequently, you need to uncover the Unity advanced features for File storage, specifically IP Multi-tenancy, IP Packet Reflect, and Advanced Static Routing. Also, this section focuses on one’s knowledge of the Unity Data Protection solutions and use cases, where you get to learn more about Snapshots, Snapshot Replication architecture, and Replication. Moreover, don’t miss the Unity Data Mobility requirements and use cases.

    The other part of the Dell EMC gives emphasis to the PowerStore Data Services. Gain insights into the process of provisioning and accessing storage via VMware datastores, Block, and Files. In addition, you need to be able to explain in detail the resource balancing, PowerStore load capabilities, together with the PowerStore replication functionalities. Moving forward, you will be required to handle Data Security and PowerStore Data Protection. These mainly cover the significant tools and use cases such as Thin Clones, Snapshots, and Consistency Groups. The features of PowerStore HA should also be included in your list. Scrutinize the key points, along with the migration options requirements and non-disruptive upgrades. For the last part, it checks your knowledge of the similar features and differences between Unity and PowerStore.

    Do take note that this domain is very important as it holds the biggest percentage of the test. Featuring more than half of the exam coverage, train hard and master the relevant topics listed earlier.

  • Dell EMC Midrange core practices, sizing features, and design ― 20%

    Now, we’ve come to the final part of the exam syllabus. Here, you get information about the standard protocols and best practices that are essential for data service, storage, system, and host application functionalities. Afterward, focus on the design considerations and sizing along with the design methods and sizing. To complete the learning process, you need to monitor the tools and resources that are available to size and design Dell EMC solutions.

Discovering the Career Opportunities

Dell certification is an instrumental tool to set you apart from other professionals of the same job role. It’s because only those individuals who have accomplished a challenging exam and thus proved their competence are awarded this kind of endorsement. And through the Dell DES-1D12 test, you get to secure a specialized skillset that makes you an in-demand professional. And of course, one of the remarkable benefits of having a certificate is the profitable rewards and better job security.

Plotting a More Technical Career Path

For this particular Dell technology, DES-1D12 is already the last stage on offer. This means that you may need to branch out to other associated certification paths if you want to further develop your technical skills. Don’t worry because there are plenty of Dell accreditations that also encompass the key storage features. Since the exam itself concentrates on Dell EMC Unity and Dell EMC PowerStore, you may want to pursue the DCS-IE Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions (E20-393). Another option would be DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, PowerStore Solutions (DES-1221). Both tests can be beneficial to expand and improve your technical prowess. Other available certifications are listed on the official website, so try to sort out your plans and choose the path that can keep your skills current and marketable.