Pass DES-1221 Certification Exam Fast

DES-1221 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Dell with new exam.

Dell DES-1221 Exam Details

The Dell DES-1221 exam reinforces your capabilities in handling functions associated with PowerStore. Passing it is credible validation of your knowledge in deploying, administering, and troubleshooting storage arrays in accordance with the core protocols. And if you’re interested in completing this evaluation, here’s all the relevant information you need to know about the exam.

Who Are the Most Suitable Candidates?

Let’s begin with the best individuals for the test. Dell DES-1221 is open to a certain set of professionals, and these are people who have initially accomplished the Associate – Information Storage and Management Version 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0 certificates. Each of the options acts as a prerequisite to give you a solid grasp of PowerStore.

What Is the Certification at Stake?

Completing the exam on a high note entails you with a coveted accreditation and this is Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerStore Solutions Version 1.0. As part of the specialist-level track, the DCS-IE, PowerStore Solutions is a remarkable way to demonstrate your expertise and bring notable impact to the company you are working for.

What Are the Exam Specifications?

Dell DES-1221 is quite unique as it requires the completion of two sections. Part 1, which concentrates on your theoretical knowledge, is a 90-minute test with 54 questions and a passing rate of 63%. On the contrary, Part 2 accentuates how you apply your understanding to use. So, instead of the list-style questions, this one encompasses 6 technical simulations that should be done within 30 minutes only. Additionally, the passing score is 66%.

What Are the Key Topics Involved in the Exam?

Along with the pertinent tasks surrounding PowerStore, the exam also accentuates a series of Dell EMC products in the coverage. These include but are not restricted to Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T, 1000X, 3000T, 3000X, 5000T, 5000X, 7000T, 7000X, 9000T, and 9000X.

What Are the Domains Covered?

To prepare for the 2-part test, let’s get into its main domains thoroughly. Each of the domains focuses on a particular subject, making it easier to digest the critical points.

  • 5% for PowerStore concepts and features

    For a solid understanding of PowerStore, it’s important that you get started with the basics. Commence with the system, use cases, and then systems configuration and key models. It also stipulates the significance of PowerStore architecture, specifically its hardware components.

  • 6% for PowerStore cabling

    The second part details out the different PowerStore cabling features, including the front-end and back-end cabling needed for PowerStore models. In addition, you have to know how to utilize Ethernet cabling in relation to the requirements set by PowerStore.

  • 18% for PowerStore implementation

    Another crucial section is the implementation of PowerStore tools. Here, you need to learn to handle the installation planning, system configuration, and licensing process required for PowerStore. Then, educate yourself more on the rack and stack aspects, together with the Ethernet configuration for PowerStore systems.

  • 22% for PowerStore configuration

    Configuring PowerStore holds a percentage of the exam, which means you need to learn how to provision and organize file, block, and VMware storage. Intercluster data migration is a critical subject that needs your attention too. And don’t forget to improve your skills in handling host and client access as well as working with local and remote data protection.

  • 22% for PowerStore administration

    Now, for the next part, this circles around the key procedures in creating and handling PowerStore management users. You must practice your abilities thoroughly so you can efficiently perform different administrative operations. These cover areas for file, block, and VMware storage, along with local and remote data and intercluster data migration.

  • 15% for PowerStore migration

    Acquire better command of the migration features, procedures, requirements, and capabilities of PowerStore. Subsequently, it’s required that you get insights on how to manage the migration feature to effectively import data from a supported source. With your knowledge, you won’t have a hard time performing migration operations.

  • 7% for PowerStore software and hardware upgrades

    Carry on with the learning process and obtain skills in performing PowerStore software upgrades. This is where you deal with tasks such as adding appliances into clusters as well as incorporating expansion shelves and drives to a PowerStore appliance.

  • 5% for PowerStore troubleshooting

    Seal your PowerStore knowledge by highlighting your ability in working with the basic troubleshooting functions. Handle system alerts, jobs, and events like a pro and try to gather relevant support materials. Lastly, you need to distinguish PowerStore system fault LEDs.

How the Certification Exam Shapes Your Career?

Earning the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerStore Solutions certification tells a lot about your character and commitment as a professional. It serves as a major achievement that empowers you to do better in your chosen field. And of course, hiring managers know the impact of Dell-certified applicants on their company. These people can make a difference in their job roles because of their validated knowledge and skills. As a result, you are highly favored when it comes to job applications or even promotions.

Another thing to fuel your interest to pass the exam is that it provides you with a more credible profile. With a Dell certificate on your CV, it’s easy to stick out and make your own mark. Additionally, you won’t be disappointed with the monetary benefits of being certified as it ensures a higher salary compared to typical employees because of their bearing and worth in the company.

What’s the Next Step to Comply?

Dell DES-1221 is already the highest-level certification exam designed for the PowerStore Solutions track. This means that you won’t be able to further expand your skillset in this particular Dell technology. But, don’t worry because you can still branch out your expertise. Using the Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification program, you get an idea of other possible routes to pursue. Take a look at the list of accreditations that are relevant for your career growth and choose your preferred path. So, if you want a more cohesive and practical way to develop your skills, you won’t go wrong with Dell technologies. All the pivotal certification options are listed on their website, along with the most recommended training materials.