Pass DEA-64T1 Certification Exam Fast

DEA-64T1 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Dell with new exam.

Dell DEA-64T1 Exam Details

The Dell DEA-64T1 exam is an essential aspect of the Associate Converged Systems Hybrid Cloud Version 2.0 certification. Passing it successfully is a validation of your comprehension of digital as well as IT transformation skills.

Target Audience for Dell DEA-64T1 Test

The development of such a test considered individuals in technical as well as non-technical roles. The focal point of their tasks is on the EMC converged systems, cloud-native apps, and cloud computing for Dell.

About DEA-64T1

DEA-64T1 also called the Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud test considers roles in converged systems in addition to the hybrid cloud. It takes into account the usage of these systems in accelerating digital as well as IT transformation and the role of Dell in ensuring it. When it comes to the exam details, you will have to solve 60 questions within 90 minutes. To get a ‘pass status’, candidates must achieve the passing score of 60%. It is to be noted that in the main exam, you will be exposed to dealing with such products like VxBlock System, VxRail Appliance in addition to VxRack SDDC & FLEX.

Topics for DEA-64T1 Exam

Here are the devoted topics for the Dell DEA-64T1 test:

  • Digital Transformation

    DEA-64T1 exam explores this topic starting with its definition and why enterprises need to embrace it. It goes ahead to offer the definition of workforce transformation as well as its relationship with Digital Transformation. Another field it applies to is focused on security transformation. This area defines as well as describes its relationship to Digital Transformation. The last part of this topic is about what IT transformation is and its relevance to Digital Transformation.

  • Converged Infrastructure

    In the Converged Infrastructure objective, you will be expected to understand the description of the solutions and be in a position to create a diagram on the same. The next thing brings about your abilities in describing the solution called Dell EMC VxBlock as well as its components. The final section regards identifying scenarios where Dell EMC converged infrastructure solutions like CI can be used in supporting IT Transformation.

  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    In this topic, DEA-64T1 exam first takes a look at the solutions of hyper-converged infrastructures. Here, you ought to describe as well as represent them in a diagram. The next part deals with describing the Dell solution concerning EMC VxRail including its components. Once that is done, you should move to know more about the solution called EMC VxRack SDDC, followed by the solution centered on EMC VxRack FLEX. You will be exploring the solutions alongside their components. The final task concerns identifying scenarios where the EMC HCI solutions can be adopted with an intention of offering support for IT Transformation.

  • Cloud Computing

    This segment dives deeper into the development of cloud computing and its related terms. The next step is describing the solution called Hybrid Cloud and representing it in a diagram. The next part is about getting into the details of the solution known as Dell EMC VxRack Azure Stack (AS) and covering its components. The last bit is about cases where Hybrid Cloud can be adopted and used in supporting the transformation of IT.

  • Cloud-Native App Development

    This final topic of the Dell DEA-64T1 exam regards various issues about the Cloud Native App and its development. Exam-takers must be fully aware of what the Cloud Native App Development is as well as its accompanying benefits. The next targeted area is about learning the use and parts of the solution referred to as Pivotal Ready Reference. The last portion ensures that you can identify how cloud-native app development can be adopted and used in transforming IT.

Dell DEA-64T1 Exam Career Path

The focused approach used by Dell ensures that you explore emerging technologies and principles applicable in varied IT environments. It helps you develop a unique mindset that is capable of learning the latest IT technologies. You will also discover emerging models targeting business, operation, and finance. This will help you partner with organizations as you help them discover and adopt the current solutions. Once you have achieved the required percentage for the Dell DEA-64T1 test and received the Associate Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Version 2.0 certificate, it is time to move to the next step of your success. With such an exam, those candidates who are serious about working with Dell technologies by instituting digital as well as IT Transformation will definitely benefit. Therefore, this is your turn to attain established skills in this arena and avail yourself to organizations that are in need of them. The Dell DEA-64T1 exam takes you on the path of converged systems as well as the hybrid cloud. After passing this test and becoming certified, there are top job titles that you can be considered for. They include senior consultant VDI, solutions/systems engineer, senior product manager Dell cloud service, customer success manager, solutions architect, and more. When it comes to the annual pay, for example, a solutions architect can earn as much as $118,833 as stated by

What Next after Certification?

As you prepare for the Dell Associate Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Version 2 certification, you are allowed to pursue it with another one. This is the VMWare Certified Associate Digital Business Transformation certification. After passing DEA-64T1 exam and getting the associate-level certification, you can chase any of the certificates at the specialist level. Below are some of those certifications which happen to have either the Associate Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud V1.0 or V2.0 as a prerequisite:

  • The Dell Specialist Implementation Engineer, VxBlock V2.0;
  • The Dell Specialist Systems Administrator, VxBlock V2.0;
  • The Dell Specialist Implementation Engineer, VxRail Appliance V1.0;
  • The Dell Specialist Systems Administrator, VxFlex Integrated Rack V1.0.

The specialist certifications pay attention to roles and enable you to follow a path of your preference. Some roles are like an implementation engineer and systems administrator. You’ll be working on providing various solutions which are going to depend on the technology you specialized in. Starting with the Dell DEA-64T1 exam will make it easier for you to go through the process of the specialist certifications. It lays the foundation you need in establishing yourself and becoming a success in your IT career.