Pass DEA-41T1 Certification Exam Fast

DEA-41T1 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Dell with new exam.

Dell DEA-41T1 Exam Details

Prove your PowerEdge skills with the Dell DEA-41T1 exam. Through its detailed and up-to-date coverage, it’s easy for you to acquire relevant knowledge and skills of the Dell EMC PowerEdge Server, particularly its key products and associated technologies. To know more about the exam, continue reading the information below.

Determining the Exam Requirements and Other Significant Details

The Dell DEA-41T1 exam unlocks your foundational understanding of PowerEdge, including its applications, networking, security, and maintenance functions. These pertinent subjects are incorporated into the 90-minute evaluation with 60 questions. Make sure you get at least a score of 63 to clear the exam. And if you earn a passing rate, you secure the Dell Technologies Associate – PowerEdge Version 2.0 certification. It is part of Dell’s security path and an incredible way to launch your security career.

Evaluating Your Professional Background

Since DEA-41T1 leads to the associate-level certification, there are no formal prerequisites set by the vendor. However, it’s still recommended that you have an idea of terminologies that are relevant to the Dell EMC PowerEdge Server. Furthermore, having a professional background that is related to PowerEdge makes a great difference to your certification exam journey. Ideally, you might want to consider all these aspects before you kick off with the preparation.

Familiarizing with the Main Exam Topics

As mentioned earlier, Dell DEA-41T1 concentrates on the major points that are pertinent to Dell EMC PowerEdge Server products. These include but are not limited to server types, components, applications, networking, maintenance, and security. Below, you will find an all-inclusive outline of the topics with all the primary areas disclosed to give you a profound command of the test.

  • Server introduction ― 28%

    Let’s start with the most important part of the exam and that is the overview of the basic features of a server. Be ready to describe the key server types and their associated form factors. And then, get a solid understanding of the different storage technologies so that you can efficiently utilize them in servers. Moreover, you need to reinforce your knowledge of the crucial steps in setting up a server as well as identifying Server Operating Systems types and their installation procedures.

    RAID is another crucial subject that you should master. This remarkable data storage virtualization tool allows the combination of multiple physical disk drive features into one logical unit. Henceforth, you need to expertly explain its fundamental concepts to highlight data redundancy and improve performance. Do take note that this section covers the second highest exam percentage. Therefore, it’s a must that you go over these imperative topics and solidify your comprehension.

  • Server networking ― 12%

    Next in line is networking. Learn to distinguish the pertinent network cables and hardware along with the different network services. IP addressing is another vital topic that you should dive into. To give you some core insights, IP addresses, or internet protocol addresses, serve as the identifying number for a particular computer network. So, when you’re connected to the internet, the IP address permits the sending and receiving processes of information.

  • Server applications ― 17%

    For this part, it takes on your intellectual capacity of different server apps. These include the most popular server roles and common Dell Technologies. Spend time learning them so you can easily apply them to your real-world tasks. Aside from these, it’s significant to have an in-depth understanding of Microsoft Windows tools that are used to monitor server hardware. And lastly, get into the server virtualization aspect and keep an eye on the basic concepts as well as the key benefits that accompany this notable process.

  • Server maintenance ― 37%

    Ensuring the upkeep of the servers is not that easy that is why it’s relevant to have a solid grasp of the core server components and their corresponding roles. Recognize the importance of server management tasks and tools to capably maintain and protect server features. One of the vital skills that you should highlight is handling Power supply of servers for effective configuration. It’s also beneficial if you explicate and classify the right environment for a specific server. And just a piece of advice ― this area is the most crucial among all other sections. It takes up almost half of the test percentage. Therefore, you need to absorb the substantial concepts, terminologies, and related features properly.

  • Server security ― 7%

    For the last exam domain, focus on learning about effective methods as well as best practices for handling backups. In addition, the candidates will be asked to demonstrate their skills in the management of server configuration.

Discovering the Career Opportunities

Passing the Dell DEA-41T1 exam takes a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work. But don’t worry because all your sacrifices won’t go to waste. Once you accomplish the test and eventually secure a renowned certification from Dell, then you are bound for a flouring tech career. A passing mark means that you have completed the thought-provoking evaluation and have proven your adeptness in PowerEdge Server.

As a result, you transform into a highly proficient individual who is equipped with important knowledge and skills. And of course, this makes you more in demand and relevant in the company you are working with. Employers believe in your capacity to do your tasks efficiently because the certification itself is a symbol of your competence. To compensate your mastery of PowerEdge Server, you get a better salary compared to non-certified employees of the same job role. Additionally, this serves as a great instrument if you want to earn a promotion.

Preparing the Next Step of Your Career

With your foundational knowledge in PowerEdge Server, it’s much easier to strategize your certification path. Using the outline recorded in the Dell EMC Proven Professional Program, try to sort out your goals and choose a Specialist-level accreditation. DCA – PowerEdge Version 2.0 qualify towards a number of certifications, which include Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge MX Modular (DES-4421), Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge (DES-4122), Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge M1000e, FX, VRTX (DES-4221), and Specialist – Systems Administrator, OpenManage Enterprise (DES-4331). Aside from that, you may opt for the Specialist – Infrastructure Security, which comes with several exam options: DEA-1TT4, DEA-2TT3, E10-005, DEA-64T1, DEA-41T1, or DEA-5TT1. You only need to choose one to earn the certification.