Pass DEA-2TT3 Certification Exam Fast

DEA-2TT3 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Dell with new exam.

Dell DEA-2TT3 Exam Details

The Dell DEA-2TT3 exam is a remarkable authentication of your core knowledge in building cloud infrastructure efficiently and effectively. It is created to furnish you with the expertise of its key technologies, components, and processes. Clearing this test signifies that you can handle its relevant functions and make critical decisions that positively impact the organization.

What to Know about the Exam?

If you ultimately decided to pursue the exam, then you need to learn some of its basic details. Let’s start with its format. DEA-2TT3 is a 90-minute test featuring a total number of 60 questions. To achieve a passing score, you need to get 60 points.

What Certification Will You Get?

Successful examinees are then rewarded with the Dell Certified Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services (DCA-CIS) Version 3.0 certificate. This associate-level accreditation is one of the most noteworthy options to date that offers you in-depth coverage of the fundamentals related to cloud infrastructure. The certification circles around the foundational training of your cloud knowledge to help polish and prepare you for real-world challenges. Additionally, it readies you for working in more advanced cloud areas to make you a well-rounded professional.

What Are the Primary Topics Covered in the Exam?

From cloud computing architecture to cloud services to cloud security, the exam takes you to a full comprehension of cloud infrastructure. Moreover, it equips you with everything that you need to become a trustworthy cloud professional. It accentuates various cloud aspects including applications, services, modern infrastructure, security, service management, and business continuity. Along with that, it touches on the latest technologies, procedures, and mechanisms to keep your skills current and in demand. All these key features are relevant in creating reliable cloud infrastructure. And since the test questions largely depend on these areas, it’s important that you take a deeper look into the main domains of the exam.

What Are Key Domains That You Need to Master?

Dell DEA-2TT3 categorizes its main objectives into 4 domains. Each of them has a specific percentage, which relatively corresponds to the possible weight of the corresponding questions. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you study the topics equally yet still give more emphasis to areas with higher fractions.

  • An outline of digital transformation and CCRA ― 10%

    The IT industry has been loaded with a lot of changes, and most of these are associated with digital transformation. With the increase of tech advancements, this also results in a more challenging scope for businesses and even professionals. And one of the most fascinating areas in the field of information technology is no other than cloud computing. To launch a full understanding of the cloud features and technologies, it’s important to start with the Cloud Computing Reference Architecture, or commonly known as CCRA. Take a closer look at its critical points, including its service models and deployment models.

  • Application, orchestration, cloud services, and modern Infrastructure ― 32%

    The second domain plays on the impact of application transformation, along with the core features of modern applications. It’s also substantial to manage your skills in various cloud service functions, service lifecycle, portal, catalog, and orchestration, among others. Keep up with your cloud exploration and gain relevant insights into different types of options for infrastructure deployment, including physical, virtual, and software-defined.

  • Cloud security and business continuity ― 37%

    With the biggest test percentage, it’s important that you delve into the security aspect of the cloud to give you a higher chance of passing the exam. Analyze the common security threats surrounding cloud computing and learn more about its related security mechanisms. The Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) framework is a vital tool that you should take into account thoroughly. Know its roles and guidelines to better comprehend cloud security features, service availability, and fault tolerance. After that, you need to carry on with data protection solutions to ensure business continuity.

  • Cloud service management and IT Transformation ― 22%

    Now, we’re down to the final topic of the exam, and this underlines the cloud service portfolio. In addition, it tackles the bearing of operation management in cloud computing. And with your solid knowledge of cloud infrastructure and services, it won’t be long for you to effectively transform IT sections according to industry standards and business requirements.

What Are the Career Benefits Waiting for Successful Candidates?

On top of earning the Dell Certified Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services certification, this exam unravels an amazing collection of benefits that are hard to ignore. Firstly, completing the Dell DEA-2TT3 test means that your knowledge is at par with the latest trends and technologies within the cloud domain. More so, it shows your technical capabilities that are highly beneficial when pursuing your coveted job position. The Dell badge on your digital profile is a symbol of your dedication and commitment to growth. As a result, you are recognized as a credible asset that can provide a positive impact on the organization.

And of course, successful examinees get what they deserve and that is lucrative financial compensation. The salary of certified Dell individuals is way higher than regular employees. Plus, they enjoy better marketability of their skills as well as increased job opportunities. So, if you’re fascinated with all these perks, make your decision now and plot your certification track. Don’t worry because Dell provides you with excellent training courses to help sort out your plans.

What’s the Next Certification Route to Take?

Passing Dell DEA-2TT3 is such an incredible way to kick off a career in cloud computing. Along with that, it unlocks a series of Specialist-level certifications to further reinforce your technical abilities. First on the list is the Specialist - Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Ver. 2.0, which is a great follow-up after completing the DCA-CIS path. Other Specialist level options would be Storage Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Ver. 1.0, Implementation Engineer, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Ver. 1.0, Implementation Engineer, VxRail Appliance Ver. 1.0, Implementation Engineer, VxBlock Ver. 2.0, and Systems Administrator, and VxRail Appliance Ver. 1.0. All these certificates highlight a more specialized technology or job role, making it easy to outline your goals.