Pass DEA-1TT4 Certification Exam Fast

DEA-1TT4 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Dell with new exam.

Dell DEA-1TT4 Exam Details

If you want to attain the Associate - Information Storage and Management v.4.0 (DCA-ISM) certificate, then pass first the Dell DEA-1TT4 exam.

About DCA-ISM Certification and Its Targeted Audience

The DCA-ISM certification is a global standard and considered so by a lot of IT companies. It authenticates the individual's knowledge of storage infrastructures and all its components in any regular or virtualized data centers. This certification acts as evidence to aspiring storage architects and administrators' ability to adapt to ever changing and sophisticated IT and storage technologies. This associate-level certificate focuses on information storage and administration in data centers. To acquire the DCA-IMS certification, a candidate must earn a passing score in DEA-1TT4 exam that will test the applicant’s understanding of storage management and various storage networking technologies.

About DEA-1TT4 Test

The Dell DEA-1TT4 exam is a treasure for individuals seeking skills in storing and managing information. The grail is earning the DCA-ISM certification. Specialists yearning for the uptake of entry-level skills in infrastructure components of storage are the ones this test has been developed for. The Dell DEA-1TT4 test is a cornerstone in storing and managing information in a data center. The technologies touched by it include a third platform, storage networking, systems for intelligent storage, differing options for business continuity, and more. In addition, audiences attain a firm ownership of skills in the most recent storage technologies in varying environments through this test. Indeed, with increasingly advancing IT environments, no person who is wishing to keep fitting in can ever run away from finding ways to realize appropriate skills. The IT environment is fast-changing with technologies for third platforms in adoption like big data, cloud, mobile, and social technologies. And the Dell DEA-1TT4 exam fine-tunes your skills in readiness for a role in storing and managing information in such environments. To get through this test with a passing score and procure the DCA-ISM certification, applicants must sit for the test with 60 questions which endures for 90 minutes. One must strive to score 60%, which is the minimum passing score. The Dell DEA-1TT4 test is accessible after paying $230.

DEA-1TT4 Exam Domains

The DCA-ISM certification exam includes topics relating to modern data centers, their management, and security along with various storage and network technologies and infrastructures that are neatly structured into 5 exam areas:

  1. Infrastructure for modern data centers

This section covers 15% of the total exam content. The candidate should have a clear idea about data classification and how to define it. They are also required to know about the elements and characteristics of data centers and the technologies necessary for driving digital change. Concepts of various cloud service models and cloud deployment models are as well essential in this domain. Additionally, the candidate needs to have a complete understanding of various fields of computer science such as big data and AI along with their components and characteristics. Finally, the applicant should be able to explain the building blocks of the data center, computing system, storage, data center connectivity, and be proficient in describing key technologies involved in modern data center infrastructure.

  1. Technologies for storage networking

20% of the total exam is covered by this portion. It thoroughly tests the candidate's expertise in SAN, fiber channel (FC) architecture, and its various topologies, virtualization in both SAN and FC. The examinee's knowledge of different types of internet protocols, network components, connectivity, virtual LAN, etc. is also checked. Advanced internet protocols such as fiber channel over IP (FCIP) and fiber channel over ethernet (FCoE) are included in this objective too. The candidate should be fluent in understanding storage networking protocols such as iSCSI among others.

  1. Storage Systems

A total of 26% of this domain is included in DEA-1TT4. The applicant needs to skillfully describe four key elements of an intelligence system for storage and should have knowledge of storage virtualization technologies. Furthermore, it is also imperative for the applicant to possess knowledge about different access-for-data methods along with various data storage approaches like provisioning together with tiering. Understanding of network-attached storage, its various components, and file-sharing procedures will be checked in this section of the Dell exam. The examinee should also describe the concept of unified storage architecture along with attributes of software storage and its architecture. At last, the candidate should be able to explain the principles of the control plane, software-defined extensibility, various networking functions, and data management approaches.

  1. Backing up, archiving, and replicating solutions

This segment covers 24% of the overall test, where the examinee will be asked to explain information availability measurements and fault tolerance methods. They are also required to describe backup granularity, backup targets, methods, and architectures. Moreover, techniques like data deduplication, data archiving, and replication are included in this section. Knowledge about usage and techniques related to the aforementioned techniques will also come in handy. It is also essential for an individual to have a firm grasp of data migration techniques, tools, and processes.

  1. Security and Management

This final portion takes up 16% of all test questions. Thus, you should have an understanding of information security objectives. Knowledge about different security domains such as access control, information security governance & risk management, and threats related to storage infrastructures are tested here. Furthermore, the candidates need to have knowledge of different security controls and storage infrastructure management tasks necessary to manage the infrastructure components and facilities along with proper procedures.

Career Opportunities and Salaries

After earning the DCA-ISM certification, the entrants will be proclaimed as someone with an understanding of information storage and management in data centers. With the Dell DCA-ISM certification in one’s hand, a wealth of opportunities will open up. It becomes possible to apply for the role of a storage manager, administrator, engineer, or architect. Applicants will be competent for various career paths with decent annual salaries as stated by Payscale. Some of them include:

  • IT Storage Administrators: $85,666;
  • Senior Storage Engineers: $112,171;
  • Storage Architects: $117,447.

Career Path

When you have obtained the Associate - Information Storage and Management Version 4.0 certification, you are free to opt for Specialist-level Dell certificates, namely:

  • Cloud Architect (DCS-CA);
  • Technology Architect (DCS-TA);
  • Implementation Engineer (DCS-CE);
  • Systems Administrator (DCS-SA);
  • Platform Engineer (DCS-PE).