• Certification: DCS-TA Midrange Storage Solutions (Dell Certified Specialist Technology Architect - Midrange Storage Solutions)
  • Certification Provider: Dell

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Dell DCS-TA Midrange Storage Solutions Certification Practice Test Questions, Dell DCS-TA Midrange Storage Solutions Certification Exam Dumps

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Transform into an expert in Dell EMC PowerStore and Dell EMC Unity through the Dell DCS-TA Midrange Storage Solutions certification. This is the certificate that you need to validate the most relevant skills and updated knowledge in Midrange architectures, solutions, and best practices. Along with this, it cements your understanding of storage systems. So, if you want to secure this incredible endorsement, it’s time to explore the key points of the certification, from its exam specifications to its core objectives to career benefits.

Discovering Dell DCS-TA Midrange Storage Solutions

Dell Certified Specialist - Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Version 2.0 is a certification rewarded to those who want to dive into designing solutions within the Dell EMC midrange storage architecture and arrays. The primary products highlighted are Dell EMC Unity and Dell EMC PowerStore. Though these are likely to be included in the test, you shouldn’t restrict your knowledge with just these topics. Make sure you use the official exam reference to cover everything about the certificate.

For DCS-TA, the main requirement is passing DES-1D12 exam, which is designed to evaluate your readiness in the above-mentioned areas. You need to clear all its 60 questions within 120 minutes and get a passing score of 60.

Assessing Your Professional Background

First and foremost, it should be noted that DCS-TA is part of Dell Specialist-level certification track. Therefore, there are some key prerequisites that you need to consider ahead of time. To be an eligible candidate, you have to accomplish at least one of the required Associate accreditations. There are three options available, namely Associate - Information Storage and Management (DCA-ISM) of version 2.0, version 3.0, or version 4.0. This serves as the precondition that you should clear before pursuing DES-1D12 exam. This certificate ensures that you possess all the relevant information and skills that are mainly applicable to DCS-TA. These include storage technologies and data architecture, among others.

Unlocking the Major Topics of the Certification Exam

The list of main subjects is created to assist your certification journey. So, if you’re ready to embark on a new professional path, here’s everything you need to take into account.

  • 25% for Dell EMC Midrange architectures

    Wade into the first major section, which is the EMC Midrange. Here, you learn about the Unity and Unity XT hardware features like enclosures, storage media options, and I/O components. Additionally, it explains the pertinent storage features and solutions such as RAID functions and dynamic pools. On the other hand, there will be a discussion related to PowerStore, where you get key details about its hardware functions and components, specifically I/O expansion modules, expansion/controller enclosure models, and internal components. PowerStore resources that you should also comprehend are caching, data reduction, NVMe, manager GUI, and SSD options.

  • 55% for Dell EMC Midrange product solutions

    This section holds the largest percentage in the exam. Begin with Unity storage and how you can provision it as well as get familiar with its major points such as Files, Block, and VMware datastores. The next core area is the identification of Unity advanced functionalities associated with Block storage, particularly D@RE, FAST Suite, thin clones, and host I/O limit availability. For File storage, this takes on features including IP Packet Reflect, IP Multi-tenancy, and Advanced Static Routing. Carry on with your learning and mug up the Unity Data Protection, where topics like Replication, Snapshots, and Snapshot Replication solutions and uses cases are expounded. Then, you have to get to the Unity Data Mobility, together with its relevant aspects and requirements.

    The other part of product solutions focuses on PowerStore features, starting with Data Services and its access and provision. It also emphasizes the load and resource balancing as well as the replication capabilities of PowerStore. In addition, there’s an in-depth analysis of its Data Security and Data Protection such as Snapshots Thin Clones, and Consistency Groups. The HA features of PowerStore take up a spot in the coverage too and it accentuates the migration options requisites, non-disruptive upgrades, and use cases. To wrap this domain, you need to efficiently distinguish the similarities and differences between Unity and PowerStore.

  • 20% for Dell EMC Midrange key practices, design, and sizing

    Now to complete the set of topics, let’s give the spotlight to the best practices associated with Dell EMC Midrange. Concentrate on data service, storage, system, along with the pertinent host application and configuration. Subsequently, you need to improve your understanding of the size and design considerations and methods. Lastly, don’t forget to explicate the core tools and resources that are required for sizing and designing solutions.

Pursuing a Practical Certification Path

This specialist-level Dell DCS-TA certification has no higher certificates to pursue to verify more complex skills. However, on the bright side, you still may expand your expertise by opting for other Dell exams and earning related accreditations. Considering that you have an existing Associate - Information Storage and Management certification, this allows you to take other Specialist options such as Cloud Storage Specialist - Systems Administrator (DCS-SA), Cloud Storage Specialist - Cloud Architect (DCS-CA), Cloud Storage Specialist - Platform Engineer (DCS-PE), and many others. For a comprehensive outline of the current Dell certification path, simply check out the certification framework on the official website.

Getting a Glimpse of the Certification Benefits

Dell certifications aim to advance your technical expertise in a particular technology and make you a more recognized professional in the field. Also, through the extensive and organized collection of accreditations, it’s easy for you to sort out your career goals. And with DCS-TA on your profile, you can easily earn a nod when applying for a job. It’s because your certification is a noteworthy demonstration of your mastery in Midrange Storage Solutions, specifically Dell EMC PowerStore and Unity. It gives employers a glimpse of your capacity to work in a highly pressured environment. Surely, your validated skillset offers you an edge over other applicants of the same job role. Therefore, if you want to grab all these career opportunities, get started with the certification journey as soon as possible.

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