• Certification: DCA-ISM (Dell EMC Associate - Information Storage and Management Version 4.0)
  • Certification Provider: Dell

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Dell DCA-ISM Certification Practice Test Questions, Dell DCA-ISM Certification Exam Dumps

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Secure skills in key storage infrastructure with the Dell DCA-ISM certification. This validation proves your adeptness in making sound choices and well-informed decisions that are related to storing, administering, and securing digital data in different environments, from traditional to virtualized to cloud. Focusing on the vital storage features in the IT setting, this certificate helps you to keep up with the adoption of mobile, social, cloud, Big Data, and other third-platform technologies. And if you plan to obtain this accreditation, below are the core details you need to know beforehand.

Certification Specifications

Dell DCA-ISM, or Dell Certified Associate - Information Storage and Management, is a certification credited to those who have successfully completed the DEA-1TT4 Associate - Information Storage and Management Version 4 Exam. It consists of 60 items, and the candidates are given 90 minutes to complete all of them. And for the passing score, one needs to get at least 60 points.

The Dell DEA-1TT4 test requires one to demonstrate knowledge of the most recent industry information. It checks one’s IT skillset that must include the ability to keep up with the latest technologies for storage. So, on top of the critical subjects in the previous versions, version 4 of the exam now covers a variety of transformation changes in the storage architecture and data center, specifically software-defined storage, cloud solutions, and cost-effective control components.

Best Candidates for the Certification

Dell DCA-ISM is highly beneficial for various tech professionals, including storage architects, managers, and administrators. It also caters to project managers, chief information officers, and those from the storage management team. Generally, the certification supports the growth of professionals who want to gain a strong command in storage technologies to further prepare them for more advanced jobs. And if you’re interested in securing this remarkable Dell endorsement, here are some key topics that you need to comprehend thoroughly.

Main Coverage of the Certification Exam

There are 5 major areas that encompass the entire Dell DCA-ISM exam. Each primary section has a corresponding weight in the number of questions, so make sure to exert extra effort to topics with a higher percentage.

  • Data center infrastructure in the modern environment ― 15%

    The first thing that you should take into account is the pivotal features of a data center. These include its classification, elements, characteristics, and essential technologies that are relevant for digital transformation and advancement. Subsequently, you have to expand your knowledge in pertinent cloud characteristics, along with deployment and service models. Try to get into the significant components of big data, machine learning, IoT, and AI. Other fundamental aspects are compute system, building blocks, storage, and connectivity of a data center.

  • Storage networking technologies ― 20%

    This part gives emphasis to your adeptness in storage networking functionalities. Here, you need to get into various subjects such as SAN, IP SAN, TCP/IP, iSCSI, FCIP, FCoE, and VLAN. The FC architecture also takes a fraction of the coverage, particularly topologies, virtualization, and zoning.

  • Storage Systems ― 26%

    Gain insights into the components associated with an intelligent storage system, together with erasure coding, scale-up, data access methods, and RAID controllers. Then, explicate the different tools of block-based storage systems, storage tiering mechanisms, and the provisioning of storage. In this domain, you also have to come across NAS storage, its general architecture, components, file sharing methods, and file-level tiering and visualization. The other topics with crucial weight are object-based storage devices and software-defined storage attributes. Make sure you dig into the core functions, attributes, and entire architecture of these subjects for better exam comprehension.

  • Archive, backup, and replication ― 24%

    Another imperative portion of the test is about data archiving solutions, which are pertinent tools in and streamlining regulatory compliance, managing archiving tasks, and reducing archiving storage. To further understand this section, you need to obtain information on fault tolerance and information availability measurements. It’s also substantial to learn about migration techniques, replication uses, as well as data deduplication. And when dealing with backup, you need to comprehend its architecture, targets, operations, methods, and granularity.

  • Security and management ― 16%

    The last subject assesses your knowledge of securing and administering storage technologies according to industry principles and company guidelines. Explain the objectives of information security like a pro and master the important terminologies and concepts associated with the security domains, threats, and infrastructure. Afterward, describe security controls so you can efficiently protect the storage infrastructure, along with its management functions and processes.

Career Opportunities

Becoming a Dell Certified Associate - Information Storage and Management is certainly a great achievement that deserves a reward. And as a prize for persistence and sacrifices, passers of DEA-1TT4 exam ultimately earn a spot in the reputable Dell community. Being a part of the thriving organization showcases a lot of your professional character. It signifies your validated skillset in storage technologies and data center, which further help you make your mark in the chosen field.

Another value of having a certificate is your marketability among employers. Hiring companies know that you can give an impact on the organization, hence making you a priority during the employment process. Additionally, your Dell digital badge serves as an excellent emblem of your accomplishments in the IT world. So, if you want a validation of your technical expertise, you’d get extensive support from Dell and its trusted certifications.

Certification Track

For a successful certification journey, Dell outlines the things that you need to accomplish accordingly. As recommended by the vendor, it’s important that you avail of the official training courses for the Dell Certified Associate - Information Storage and Management certification exam. And if you get a fruitful exam result, you have the opportunity to get into a more technical path. It’s because this associate-level validation qualifies to a lot of specialist accreditations from the Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification track. These include the specializations like Systems Administrator (DCS-SA), Cloud Architect (DCS-CA), Platform Engineer (DCS-PE), and Security (DCS), Implementation Engineer (DCS-CE), Technology Architect (DCS-TA). You can refer to the official certification framework for a better grasp of the exams on offer.

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