Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 17

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 17

21. Lecture-21: Configure and Verify Dynamic Protocol RIP.

I mean, for the whole military story yesterday, first of all, we will discuss the. I’m not going in much detail because the protocol is a huge detail, but anyway, Remi’s routing information protocol routing information protocol is the abbreviation and remains the distance with the routing protocol, distance routing protocol, those protocol will say which counting the router on way.

So, if there are two ways to reach some destination and one readiness to roll in on, either there are three older surimi will choose the less rotors where it will say this is the best one, which is not true all the time. Administrative distance, which we know administrative distances ranging and drinking is far, far away, 120 so far away. It’s supposed to be LSM and something as well, but are important to not do. Important one basically up update after every 30 second and will damage of 80 times is one of 80 and when they’re not receiving anything from anyone.

So, after 240 it will flesh that out from the routing table. It’s what do you do in sending a update. But really the general understanding all the time, everything again and again after 30 second ad cell phone numbers even the other night. But again, the detail, again, what it will say and again this day we’re working on Medrek means the formula, other techniques to find out the best path is a Hogan. And Hogan means to count the Rousell in the end. Okay, maximum support is 15. It means repairs when you. What about a small organization means to 15 and more than older.

So, 16 is unreachable. It will not work.

So, it’s not suitable for a large organization. There are two words reported. Gen one and reapportioned to both are not compatible with each other. The issue is reported, everyone sending updates on multicast and so on, broadcast and reporting on who is standing by multicast. Also reporting on one not supporting the and submitting better information to support realism and submitting a report when one is not supporting authentication but rewarding to support authentication, routing protocol, authentication.

So, this is a difference. And the authentication, I think we are already written here does not support while reporting to support and authentication and plan authentication for security purposes so that nobody else can then be around and report to us. And that’s why we are using authentication on our routing information. To basically use UDP isn’t a for okay.

So, this is a really okay. It means the far more lavish did find out that this drought is how cold or what is basically supposed if be is going to one one network.

So, it will the hawks like this one, too.

So, it means one one is over two halves.

So, in the routing table, it’ll show like this. You know, yesterday we checked here it was zero because they don’t have any military administrator, radiometric, okay, so this one is always showing zero zero. This one is the administrative distance reinking, and this is their destination. And this is the way where they will go, okay, and as an interface and artemesia. Okay, so that’s the I guess the metric now we can see because there are so many things and poisoning how they are working, which is the picture.

So, I have because it’s not in class again and I will use the same apology to configure it which will reconfigure this topology.

So, what we can do, so, yeah, they said, let me repeat again, 100 six zero two, that one is a one two, two is part two. And this side one, part one speci one and one down to two. And this one is one hundred hundred. Okay, so we can figure everything they speak to is reasonable here to stay declawed. Now I want a dynamic routing so let’s move. The admin password is one, two, three. Okay. How we can can configure, so first time need to deliver these roads, so click on this one and deliver policy based because we want to configure dynamic start to road and I don’t need to throw in currently. Okay, and this one click on delete.

So, it means my two will be not reading again if I say it’s not working not but if I see it being added and so in say unbreachable. Definitely there is no doubt because it leads to for.

So, how we can configure it, so don’t stand your ground there is really okay to click on routing information based as I told you, there are two you what one and what you do, what you can configure equally, what are the issues? And they are not compatible. And as I told you on this stuff. Now it’s asking me the network which network you want to advertise so far there. But first, let me be clear for you network.

So, let’s go to interfaces, okay? Is rediscuss interfaces, all the stuff we already acoa click on create and interfaces. And let me clear. And no one got the. And here to discuss on these, we left this one little bit, so we will use now today Lubic interfaces for this purpose rule Islan and let me assign any, I suppose, one, not one, not two one eight. Anything is allowed on this one and okay, so no one I created for this purpose, I need someone to do it. And real world, your lane will be connected and Leland will be created. And so anything but in this case, I’m creating a loop for this purpose. Let me create a little bit too little bit too to start doing. And I to there are two eight being has to be allowed to testify. Okay, and let’s create a third one, the interface and you know, three aliases. Okay, and let me choose interface this one three three three eight. And being you can go anything you want.

So, basically I created three logical interfaces, this one little bit, one, two and three. Okay, so I do this one. The is this should be. Two, it’s okay is not an issue, but just two, so one is one to two and three, three one, one, two, two and three three and fingers on the so militarized these two, they’re out. Okay, so now move back to Roger. Oh, let’s do a report in two ways. To what in which I told you everything I wanted so fast is I want to advertise one one zero business on it.

So, I just created it, as you see. And I have another one as well, too. And let me change this one to two and click on Icon to create three. And the last thing, the one which I’m going to do to don’t say this one.

So, I need to advertise this one as well. Okay, two.

So, these are mine and which I want to advertise to give me to other my neighbors. Okay, but on which interface? These are the network and so it okay, you can advertise a single IP as well if you see, I suppose hold out, hold out for 32 you can type such as maybe you are thinking I suppose if I want to advertise a single IP single as soon as possible. I like this way because for, for I don’t need on interface. You going to advertise these.

Sort of. Definitely this should be on four zero.

So, it created New Legendary’s there as well. Okay, do you want to make this interface is a passive passive interface means if you want to block the head or these dynamic before sending help to update each other to check each other. But if you want to make this interface, basically you can click through this interface will become passive and no halo will be exchanged. And that’s okay now. But she will be still. But in OSB and BGB in Jersey, there will be no Nightwish.

So, I don’t want to make this interface passu if I want to enable authentication. I told you what to do. There are two types of authentication amplifier and Bixby’s, so if you want to put authentication you can okay and but the other side undoubtedly will have to form the same authentication key which will then you want to send to. I say both, even though I’m advertising only to what you can say, send and resume both. It’s okay to send him endothelium in. Okay, so this is my interface, if you will help other interfaces so you can create a new one. And it’s not only to create one, maybe you have another interface so you can choose there and you can add as many you want. If you want to edit for some reason, click and edit either Double-Click and if you want to leave, you can delete.

So, when interface is for sending and receiving, there is no authentication and basically means disable. There is someone here who wants option, which we will discuss later. Which matter you want to show. It will show the one to reply, to advertise the other because they’re working up to 16. See if I push on it will give me an hour. Look at what sixteen is ok and fifteen is okay because it only works up to fifteen. Sixteen by the way. One but you can put here. This one is and Defarge, and guess if you have a defined road and you want to redistribute that road through it so you can and well, but in this case, we don’t have any antifa road. I deleted Whitesville and these are the time, but which I’ll show you here this time on. 30 second, 180, 180 to 40, so 30, 180 and 120, so they give them garbage means to destroy you.

So, this time around, DIMOS and garbage in season, you can decrease and increase if you want redistribution. I will show you a bit later. You can redistribute any Connington, starting with Lesbia BGB to another across the whole to and just through another report or so. My attempt is really this way. It was so simple to apply and so readily available on this site. Now, Reagen. Neighbors should win this one, so we’ll do one in two, okay, so configuration by they well, you could be working on okay. First of all, I need to delete their default round because I will use dynamic routing control and know, okay, how we can configure Rotary and network zero zero zero. I want to advertise anything and what Ajanta because their site is using what just to NetSuite. The same thing to you first. And let me give you the referral. And right down the road, network zero zero zero and what agenda for simplicity I’m using zero zero. Otherwise you will help to show up your interface with your help. We advertise 190 to 160 to and able to advertise eight zero zero. But I say anything, anything I help.

So, in this case, I have only one thing to do in six years or two. And so these two will be advertised to the air and from the air and those little big interfaces will be advertised here.

So, now let’s check out.

So, I have been around a real.

So, look at it, I see one, two, three, what is one, two, three? Basically, these are my Lubic interfaces, which I created one, two and three. And I see those three through from forty eight firewall.

So, this new destination, I’m in a router. Okay, this is Canadian. There’s this and they’re going to and is this opening of mass 120 is administrative resistance army is really showing here. Okay, and this is the way where they will want to turn. Hundred is the next to this one. Okay, and this third time we just of the interest rates will return to force second. And this the individual really is it. Okay, let’s go to firewalled so how we can check out again. You have to go to monitor routing monitor and here look at IDC. We entered through from 2001 through. Let me rise to three more from here so you will see this.

So, we will do to either one. It’s up to you and let me clear the interface loop back to IP address of all is nine nine nine nine five five zero zero. And let me create a new one as well.

So, Big three and let me make them nineteen. Now you will see these two automatically here. Refresh, look at so there is a year, nine is year and 19 is here, 120 is Minnesota, distance is the time to call this their destination. We want to reach eight, nine and 19. This the next 12 to Daquan. And he is showing me the next call for. And when they started showing this way and here it will shoot like this should be all three. This one to that is this firewall and the rain is showing me to that one disrupter, okay? That’s the exact interface.

So, the same thing is here is showing me the exact interface. Okay, what is this? If you want to enable more like a matrix. Okay, so definitely this is a military tool of a mob. And if I check here.

So, shoot me one by me.

So, this side is showing me one. Why? Because we advertise as a one, but this one is showing the correct one. By the way, this also has to show one because it’s one, hopefully, and we are definitely going to win anyway. This is the magic formula, how far away the rotor is from this fire one. What you can really fight from here is will either from CMT to assistance in men want to do this for a while. Okay, I’m like in here. What is the common good old. Get out, get it out there and form a routing table entry.

So, you can see three days of being learn, it’s the same thing, but this is graphic and this is true command and 40 year for one, eight, nine and 19.

So, it’s almost similar. Like look at. To sort out the results of a showing like this and find what is also like showing this one twenty’s or one 20 is administered to distance, okay? Two is the military, then this is the way we have to go and hold. And this time, which is okay, what else? You can see this thing. There are so many commando, but it’s okay, it’s working and we can see now can I reach from here from this into two and eight.

So, let’s verify from beashel to lisping. Yes.

So, now I’m reachable through dynamic protocol which is right. But the opposite way will be not easy. Will keep in mind if I be more attracted to this character, to either out one of those which is reasonable. If I bring this when I be, it will be not being able. Why and the question is, will he ask me what is stressful for everyone in a state, at least for a while from this side one to this one? I can being from this to this or I’m not being able to. The reason I mean, being from here to create a situation here to entertain traffic is hurting their stations to really be loud. But when we are initiating traffic from here on first time, so it will be a drop here, it will say there is no station and you don’t have a permission.

So, I need a permission guard showing the outside is allowed.

So, what I can do, which is our next stop, is, by the way, our policy goal. The policy should be foreign policy, which we created is allowed from land to Iran, where there is no such thing from when two lane switching the policy. We’re going to learn anything. This is the name you can use any name Jusu in. To learn. Okay. And choose the destination on services and location and okay. Okay, now if I drive from P.S. to one, so I also will be being able either to maybe the species of. I’m told she was six and two. Okay, let’s go. Oh, okay. Yeah, they’re not rooted here because we can figure the issue is I need to go back to this one. Oh, no, sorry, this one when. This one, okay, so I generally stay from the plane to land. I just want to escape from land to land based and land. There are many other things.

So, what can I do? I have to allow the other thing. as well, solar system, biodiesel. You can enable only one interface. You know, I can added another interface solar system, which we will discuss in policy a bit later after this protocol to feature visibility and nimble. There is to enable multiple interfaces, this one mercyful interface policy where parties disable because I want to allow then one policy on the thing rather than to create four or five policy. Weinert one policy. Because those are my Lubic and their faces, so what can I do now? Not always simple, I say from rain to land plus Lubeck one, two and three.

So, in one policy in our day, everything from rain to all these in our on everything. And it’s done. That’s okay. And let me try one. To. And, you know, you animal here being warmed up on that one, got to it’s now and to Dark Blue is another Lubetkin and three Darth Vader is. Another little bit here.

So, now we are on the table and also 192 to one sixty eight one, okay, here is in the other. We’re not reachable because there is nothing to enable and decline.

Sorry. If I lose an argument, I am reachable to Newt Gingrich Lubic, I created here using this policy and there will be hell, it’s natural gas or a new refrigerator will show you because from outside and a generator which is hurting this policy. Okay, so this was the room to consider how to react to this strategy which are generated. Okay, now let’s.