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AWS Certified Security - Specialty Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Amazon with new exam.

Amazon AWS Certified Security - Specialty Exam Details

The AWS Security Specialty certification is ideal for those candidates who already perform a role in the security field and who want to improve their skills on how to use AWS services to ensure the highest level of security in the organization.

Who Is Target Audience for AWS Security Specialty Certification?

The AWS Certified Security Specialty certification is intended for those candidates who want to validate their ability to demonstrate that they have the proper knowledge on how to secure the AWS platform. In particular, it is ideal for those candidates who have a job in the security field and want to consolidate their position in the company with improved and updated skills. This certification can be obtained after passing the AWS SCS-C01 exam. This test doesn’t have any specific requirements. Even though candidates don’t have to meet any mandatory conditions, Amazon has some recommendations. Any candidate will go through the training process easier if he/she has at least 5 years of practical experience handling IT security topics and is able to implement and design different security solutions. Also, it would be great if the candidate would have at least 2 years of practical experience using AWS workloads for security topics. Finally, the third recommendation that the vendor has is having the ability to handle security control for AWS workloads.

What Facts Is It Necessary to Know to Pass AWS Security – Specialty Test?

The AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification can be obtained after passing only one exam which is coded SCS-C01. This exam is of specialty type. Candidates can take this test either online, using the proctored exam website, or in the most appropriate testing center. When it comes to registration tax, candidates will have to pay $300 for being eligible for SCS-C01. Anyone who wants to enroll in sitting for a practice exam will also have to pay an additional $40. The questions included in the exam have different formats. Thus, candidates will have to solve multiple-choice and multiple-answer types of questions. Therefore, the difficulty of this test is quite high and requires candidates to be very well-organized in their training routine. The minimum passing score that applicants need to achieve is 750 points. Once you have successfully passed your SCS-C01 exam, you will get the desired AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification. By adding this certificate to your resume, you will become a valuable candidate for many recruiters. Thus, you should expect to receive generous salary offers and bonuses that will reward your efforts.

Which Domains Are Covered by AWS Security - Specialty Certification Exam?

The exam designed for obtaining this AWS Security – Specialty certification validates the candidates’ skills in using specialized data classification tools and different AWS mechanisms for data protection. Also, they take candidates to the point where they understand how to use data-encryption methods and secure internet protocols with the help of AWS services and features. Once they go through the training process, candidates will be able to make quick tradeoff decisions and decide which set of solutions to choose depending on the difficulty, security, and costs. Finally, candidates will understand better how to handle security operations and risks. All in all, the AWS SCS-C01 exam includes five major topics which are also divided into several subtopics, as follows:

  • Incident Response;
  • Monitoring and Logging;
  • Infrastructure Security;
  • Access Management & Identity;
  • Data Protection.

The first topic talks about incident response. Candidates will learn how to start from an AWS abuse notice to immediately create an evaluation of the compromised instance and provide exposed access keys. Also, they will learn how to verify the Incident Response plan and include AWS services in it. This domain also includes details on how to evaluate the configuration of automated alerting as well as how to execute proper remediation security-related incidents and emerging situations.

The second tested area handles logging and monitoring situations. Here, the examinees will discover how to properly design and implement security alerting and monitoring. Also, another subtopic is dedicated to security monitoring and alerting troubleshooting. One more subdomain included in this section concentrates on implementing and designing a logging solution. The final subtopic takes the examinees in the area of troubleshooting logging solutions.

Within the infrastructure security section, examinees will discover how to design and implement edge security using AWS services and develop a secure network infrastructure. Also, they will become proficient in troubleshooting such as infrastructures and design host-based security solutions.

The fourth objective is related to access and identity management. This topic is essential in the preparation for the AWS Security – Specialty exam as it helps applicants learn more about the design and implementation of scalable authorization and authentication systems to access different AWS resources. Besides, candidates will learn how to troubleshoot the systems mentioned before to ensure the proper level of security.

The final topic focuses on data protection. It includes notions related to the design and implementation of key management and how to use its features. Also, candidates will discover solutions to troubleshoot key management issues. Finally, they will become skilled in designing and implementing different data encryption solutions tailored for data in transit and data at rest.

Career Opportunities for AWS Certified Security - Specialty Specialists?

Once you manage to pass the AWS Security – Specialty certification exam and become a validated pro in finding security solutions using the AWS platform, you will see how quickly you will be exposed to different career opportunities. Headhunters search for certified specialists and are open to offering them attractive salaries and incentives to convince them to choose their company. Thus, this certification will help you work on the following positions:

  • Solutions Architect;
  • Security Operations Specialist;
  • AWS Security Engineer;
  • IT Security Specialist;
  • Offensive Security Sr. Consultant, AWS Specialist.

As we mentioned, if you manage to become an AWS certified individual, you will enter an exclusive group of people who enjoy different bonuses and benefits from the company they are working for. If you want to become a Solutions Architect, you should know that according to, you will gain an average salary of almost $119k per annum. Besides, a Security Operations Specialist can earn $80k during one year of work as per Payscale. As you can see, the salaries for the above-mentioned positions are quite generous. This means that getting the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification is worth the effort.

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