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AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Amazon with new exam.

Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Details

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate certificate is appropriate for individuals who occupy the position of a developer and who want to upgrade their skills. This certification helps candidates understand how to use AWS core services.

Who Is Target Audience for AWS Developer – Associate Certification?

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification is designed for any examinee who wants to understand more about AWS core services, as well as have a clear view on how to use and implement AWS architecture best practices. This is a certification suitable for candidates who already work as a developer. By getting the passing score in the certification exam, they will demonstrate that they are proficient in developing and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS features and services. This AWS certificate can be obtained after passing only one exam which has the code DVA-C01. While there are no stringent prerequisites that candidates have to meet to pass the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam, the vendor has some recommendations, though. The examinees should have at least one year of practical experience in development, especially in maintaining and developing AWS based applications. They should also understand at least one high-level programming language and have a solid understanding of AWS fundamental services like AWS CLI, SDKs, or APIs.

What Does AWS Developer – Associate Test Look Like?

The exam necessary to get the AWS Developer – Associate certification is coded DVA-C01, whose total duration is 130 minutes. Overall, candidates have to answer multiple-choice and multiple-response questions and get a minimum passing score of 720 points. Also, according to the information mentioned in the exam blueprint, the final number of questions in the main exam might differ depending on the difficulty of a certain test. The delivery method is either in test centers or online by using a proctored exam platform. Examinees will also have to pay a registration fee of $150 to be considered for DVA-C01. In case they want to enroll for taking a practice exam, they should pay an additional fee of $20. Finally, the vendor offers this exam in different languages. Apart from English, candidates can also take it in Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

What Topics Are Covered in AWS DVA-C01 Certification Exam?

    This exam is split into five distinct domains. Each of them covers a specific area of AWS core services and helps the applicant get the necessary knowledge to succeed in the official test. Let’s take them one by one:

  • Deployment - the first tested area covers 22% of the total number of questions. It includes information on how to deploy a written code in AWS with the help of existing processed, patterns, and CI/CD pipelines. Another subtopic included in this section handles application deployment by using Elastic Beanstalk features. Besides, candidates will learn about how to prepare different packages of apps deployment by using AWS services and features.
  • Security - this topic covers 26% of the questions and it’s the second most important topic in the overall structure of this exam. It focuses on ensuring the highest level of security. Therefore, candidates will learn how to develop authenticated calls with the help of AWS services. Also, they will learn about encryption and how to implement its principles in using AWS features. Finally, the third subsection is dedicated to application authentication and authorization and how they can be achieved by using AWS services.
  • AWS services development - the third section can be considered the most important as it has the biggest weight in the total number of questions, which is 30%. Here, candidates will learn how to write codes with the help of serverless applications. Also, they will become familiar with the strategies of translating functional requirements into different apps design. Another essential element included in this part handles application design implementation and shows candidates how to put it into application code. Last but not least, future examinees will learn how to write code that will interact correctly with AWS services and make use of APIs, AWS CLI, or SDKs.
  • Refactoring - within the refactoring topic, candidates will learn two major concepts. They will start by understanding how to optimize apps by making the best use of AWS features and services. Practically, this section shows the candidate the importance of each feature and opens his/her mind to handle it properly to improve business processes. The second subtopic will treat migration issues. Thus, candidates will learn more about how to move existing app codes to AWS platforms in a fast and effective way. Overall, only 10% of all exam questions are dedicated to this domain.
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring - last but not least, the troubleshooting and monitoring topic takes up 12% of the exam content and is essential as candidates need to know how to solve different situations that they might encounter while using AWS services and features. For example, they will learn about how to monitor processes by writing different codes that serve this purpose. Also, they will understand how to develop a clear and efficient route cause analysis and find immediately the faults that made processes not work properly. This section will take them through different trial and error examples and share the best solutions identified by using AWS features and services.

What Are Career Opportunities with AWS Certified Developer - Associate?

As we already mentioned, the AWS Developer – Associate certification is suitable for candidates who already perform a developer role. Once you get certified, you can apply for different positions, such as:

  • Cloud Software Engineer;
  • DevOps Engineer;
  • Cloud Developer;
  • Application Security Developer;
  • AWS Solutions Architect.

By adding such a reputable certification under your belt, you will become a promising candidate on the market. Therefore, recruiters will start headhunting you, offering a higher salary and attractive bonuses. According to, the annual average salary for a Cloud Software Engineer will be around $98k. However, a certified specialist can earn up to $146k per annum. Besides, an AWS Solutions Architect can receive an average salary of more than $141k in one year.

What Is Next AWS Certification That Candidates Can Obtain?

According to the AWS certification path, a successful AWS Certified Developer – Associate has higher chances to move on to the next level and improve his/her skills in using AWS services. Therefore, the next recommended certification would be the AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional certification.