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AWS Certified Database - Specialty Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Amazon with new exam.

Amazon AWS Certified Database - Specialty Exam Details

The AWS Database Specialty certification validates the candidates’ expertise in using AWS database services and helps them implement database technology to improve business processes.

Who Is Target Audience for AWS Database Specialty Certification?

The AWS Certified Database Specialty certification focuses on developing different capabilities in individuals to help them become key-performers in database-focused roles. This certification validates examinees' abilities to understand and differentiate the most important features used by AWS database services. Also, it helps them discover the best database solutions using AWS services to drive change in the organization. While the vendor doesn’t have any express prerequisites to be eligible to pursue this certificate, it still has some recommendations. The candidates should have at least 5 years of practical experience using basic database technologies. Also, they should have a minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience working with AWS technologies. Finally, candidates should demonstrate that they have experience working with NoSQL databases and AWS Cloud-based infrastructure.

What Are Details of AWS Database Specialty Certification Exam?

Candidates have to pass only one specialty exam if they want to get this AWS Database Specialty certification. Its code is DBS-C01. During this test, applicants will have to answer different multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions and get a minimum score of 750 points. DBS-C01 is delivered either in testing centers or it can be taken online using the proctored exam platform. The allocated time to solve all items is 180 minutes, where the available languages are English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. In addition, candidates will have to pay $300 as a registration fee. For a practice exam, they will also have to pay another $40. It is to be noted that the official exam will also include some unscored questions that are used only for statistical purposes. After successfully completing the Amazon DBS-C01 test, you will obtain the AWS Certified Database Specialty certificate. You can add it to your resume and showcase it on your professional profiles online, such as LinkedIn. This certification will bring different opportunities to you and help you build a successful career future.

What Is DBS-C01 Exam Outline?

The AWS DBS-C01 exam measures the candidates’ knowledge of five domains. They are the following:

  • Workload-specific Database Design;
  • Migration as well as Deployment;
  • Operations and Management;
  • Troubleshooting & Monitoring;
  • Database Security.

Each of the topics has different sections. Thus, the first domain is dedicated to selecting the appropriate database services for different types of workloads and data. Candidates will learn how to determine a proper strategy to ensure business continuity & high availability in case of disaster. Also, they will learn how to identify different design database solutions and ensure the highest level of scalability, compliance, and performance. Finally, applicants will be shown how to compare the costs of different database solutions and choose the most cost-effective one.

The second topic is dedicated to migration and deployment. Within this subdomain, candidates will learn how to automate different database solution deployments. They will also learn how to determine data preparation and how to develop migration strategies. Finally, this area includes intensive training on data migration validation and execution.

The third part handles the management and operations topics. The basic concepts targeted in this section focus on how to determine maintenance tasks and processes. You will also learn how to create restoration strategies and determine effective backup. Finally, you will understand more about how to ensure proper database solution operational environmental management.

The fourth section focuses on monitoring and troubleshooting. Thus, candidates will learn how to develop the most effective alerting and monitoring strategies. Also, they will become proficient in troubleshooting and resolving the most common database issues. The final subtopic included in this section handles database performance optimization.

Last but not least, the final segment is dedicated to database security. Examinees will understand more about data encryption at rest and in transit. Also, they will identify the most effective auditing solutions. You will learn how to determine proper access control and develop the right authentication mechanisms for your organization. At last, you will become skilled in recognizing potential security vulnerabilities using database solutions.

What Are Career Opportunities That Certified AWS Database Specialty Specialists Can Get?

Once you pass the AWS DBS-C01 test and get the AWS Certified Database Specialty certification, you will become eligible for different career opportunities, such as:

  • Database Developer;
  • AWS Cloud Engineer;
  • Senior Database Administrator;
  • Data Architect;
  • Technical Support & Solutions Analyst.

If you wonder what the responsibilities of an AWS Cloud Engineer are, you should know that he/she is in charge of handling the AWS cloud platform together with developing and ensuring its proper running. In addition, such a specialist is responsible for planning, implementing, and growing AWS cloud infrastructure. Also, an AWS Cloud Engineer will release and manage different production systems configuration. Finally, he/she is responsible for implementing the continuous integration and deployment of server-based technologies.

When it comes to salaries, offers verified information on the average annual payment that an AWS Database Specialty certified specialist might get. For example, a Data Architect can earn around $119k on average per year. However, this salary can grow depending on the candidate’s expertise. Besides, a Cloud Engineer can get about $91k per annum. But in case the specialist manages to add the AWS Certified Database Specialty certification under his/her belt, the annual salary can become higher and will equal $126k per year.

Last but not least, mentions that the annual payment that a Senior Database Administrator can get is a little bit more than $108k. An experienced professional can win up to $138k per annum in this position. As this is a well-paid job role, you should know that the responsibilities list of such an employee includes providing database architecture to meet the required goals of specialized software. All in all, Senior Database Administrators will deal with the maintenance, configuration, and creation of databases. This, in its turn, involves backup, storage, and access to databases.

After getting the AWS Certified Database Specialty certification, you can expand your knowledge and skills by obtaining any other database related certification.