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    Atlassian is a recognized international vendor for offering different tools that enhance collaboration between teams and help them work remotely without problems. Some of the most popular tools offered by Atlassian are Jira and Trello that help teams be productive while working remotely.

    Atlassian Certification Program Overview

    The individuals who want to get Atlassian certified can choose between the following designation options:

    • The Jira Administrator certificate helps the candidates to customize, manage, and configure the Jira tool for Data Center and Server, as well as for other business team software. It includes both the Cloud certification version and the Data Center and Server designation.
    • The Jira Project Administrator validation is suitable for those individuals who want to learn how to configure boards and projects. Therefore, examinees will become skilled at customizing workflows and become able to deal with varied project permissions. This one is also available for Cloud as well as Data Center and Server certificates.
    • The Agile Team Leader validation focuses on building the candidates’ agile skills. Therefore, they will be able to optimize Jira Software without difficulty and use it for developing their teams. This certificate is available only for the Cloud version.
    • The Jira Cloud User is suitable for those individuals who want to gain expertise in configuring Jira Software to help them organize, find, and create reports for their work. It includes both the Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset and Jira Essentials certificates.

    Note that Atlassian prepares two important certifications to be launched in mid-2021. Therefore, the specialists who want to get certified can choose between the Confluence Space Administrator and Jira Service Project Manager designations.

    Popular Atlassian Designations

    Some of the most popular Atlassian certificates that the individuals who want to get certified choose are the following:

    • Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator for Data Center and Server

      A certified Jira Administrator can customize, manage, and configure Jira features while using the Jira user interface. This certificate, in particular, validates the candidates’ skills necessary in Jira optimization for any business team and other development situations. The candidates who can pursue such a designation usually have 2-3 years of experience in Jira administration. Also, they can translate and interpret Jira's business requirements. Another recommendation for applicants is to understand how their choices can affect the system’s scalability, performance, and manageability. Besides, the test-takers should be highly skilled at managing schemes, workflows, and other Jira features. The exam necessary for obtaining the Jira Administrator Data Center and Server certification is coded ACP-100. This test is delivered in English and Japanese. Plus, this is a proctored exam that can be taken either online or in the available testing centers. The candidates will need to pay a registration fee of $250 plus taxes. Then, the exam duration is 180 minutes and the test itself includes 70-80 questions. Pay attention that the test-takers will pass this exam only if they respond correctly to 54% of all questions. Nevertheless, this minimum passing score is available only for the English test version. The candidates who want to take the test in Japanese should obtain a 60% passing score. Lastly, this certificate is valid for 2 years.

    • Atlassian Certified Jira Project Administrator for Data Center and Server

      The certified Jira Project Administrators have the necessary expertise to properly configure boards and projects. They can also manage project permissions and customize workflows by using the Jira Server and Data Center features. Besides, the applicants know how to scale Jira's daily operations to meet their business requirements. All in all, the vendor recommends the specialists who want to get certified have a minimum of six months of experience working with Jira Software, especially with the features dedicated to the Server and Data Center. To add more, this certification can be obtained after passing one exam coded ACP-600. This test is available not only in English but also in Korean and Japanese. It’s noteworthy that the candidates must complete the actual test in the following 60 days from the date they purchased the exam-affiliated course. Besides, the exam can be taken online, from home, and is also available at testing centers. By and large, it includes up to 75 questions. In addition, successful candidates should obtain a minimum passing score of 63% in just 180 minutes. Finally, the registration fee is $100, which includes both the course and the exam voucher. Once obtained, this designation has a validity of 2 years.

    • Atlassian Certified in Managing Jira Cloud Projects

      The specialists who manage to get this certification are skilled in automating and configuring Jira Software Kanban and Scrum templates. For instance, they can configure Jira filters and boards daily. Also, they understand where, why, and how they should make any configuration changes. Another skill validated in the certification test coded ACP-620 is related to managing the projects’ access, roles, and permissions. Plus, the applicants will learn how to interpret reports for optimizing the team’s efficiency. Atlassian, in particular, recommends that the test-takers should have a minimum of six months of experience using the Jira Software Cloud. Regarding the details for ACP-620, an evaluation like this is valid in the English language only. After paying the registration fee of $100 for the course and exam voucher, the examinees have to complete the test in a maximum of 60 days. Note that this exam is a proctored test and the candidates can take it online or in the testing centers. All in all, the applicants need to answer a maximum of 75 questions in the main exam. Also, they should solve the inquiries in 180 minutes and the minimum passing score that they have to obtain is 63%.

    Career Prospects

    The individuals who succeed in obtaining an Atlassian certification can apply for one of the following well-paid positions, available in international organizations:

    • Jira Administrator;
    • Project Manager, Software Development with Jira skills.

    According to the information available on, a Jira Administrator can earn $100k on average per year. Also, according to, a Project Manager dedicated to Software Development who managed to become Jira certified can receive an annual salary of almost $81k in one year.

    Certification Path

    A specialist who wants to obtain the Jira Administrator certification should consolidate his/her skills in taking both designation versions. Therefore, apart from obtaining the Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator for Data Center and Server, they can also obtain the Cloud variation. Also, the same certification path is available for the Jira Project Administrator designation.

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