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    Arista Networks is a pioneer in cognitive cloud networking applications for massive data centers. Via CloudVision and Arista EOS, an integrated network operating system, Arista's award-winning solutions offer availability, mobility, automation analytics, and protection at Ethernet speeds ranging from 10 to 400 gigabits per second.

    Arista Cloud Engineer Certification Program - ACE

    Arista's founding principles are to create solutions to customer issues and to always concentrate on Quality. As a result, this vendor has adopted the same strategy for their certification program. All candidates who want to become Arista certified should complete their training (via an instructor-led class, self-study, or another available format), which includes training on Arista's recommended practices for solutions. After completing the training, you can apply to take the exam of your choice. This application requires proof of purchase that the related class was delivered by an Official Arista Training Partner and that your skill set fits the necessary qualifications for the certification level. Moreover, the new ACE program is built on a straightforward multilevel model of 7 levels. Thus, the first five levels each include courses and exams and the last two tiers move into practical labs exams eventually. Arista believes that when you develop and master new skills, you can advance your certification level. Accordingly, Level 1 test will consist of multiple-choice questions. Levels 2–5 will be practical labs that enable engineers to ‘demonstrate' their understanding of the data rather than attempting a multiple-choice exam, Level 6 will include both a written and practical lab, and Level 7 will be an in-depth practical lab. Discussed below are certification exams from levels 1 to 4.

    Arista Cloud Engineer - Level 1 – Cloud Novice

    The ACE Level 1 exam is intended to provide a solid base in open networking and Arista EOS. The engineer will be exposed to the ease of setup in the CLI as they move through basic topics such as Ethernet, IP, and Routing & Switching. More so, Automation and Arista's CloudVision Solution will be introduced to engineers. The ACE Level 1 course and test are ideal for individuals who are new to the Network Engineering domain and want to build a solid set of fundamental skills that Arista customers want. Interns, students, and transitioning employees can get the skills required to start a job in a related field. Listed below are the outlines of the training and the affiliated exam:

    • Fundamentals of Network Engineering;
    • Using Arista EOS;
    • Operations at Layer 2;
    • Operations at the Layer 3;
    • Leaf-Spine Data Center Architectures;
    • Overview of Arista CloudVision for Wi-Fi;
    • Automation and CloudVision: Overview;
    • Configuring OSPF for a Leaf-Spine Architecture;
    • Comprehending IP Address Schemas.

    Arista Cloud Engineer - Level 2 – Cloud Associate

    The ACE Level 2 test builds on the networking facets and Arista EOS framework that was previously developed in Tier 1. Thus, engineering specialists will concentrate on the Arista Universal Cloud Network (UCN) model necessary for Layer 2 Topologies for Leaf-Spine, which uses MLAG & VARP. The exam and course will also cover the Arista Wi-Fi functionality, as well as Campus-specific facets including Power over Ethernet. Engineers can then get to know how to use the Arista DMF solution to track a system deployment. Candidates with two years of work experience in the Network Engineering domain who want to develop the basic acumen that Arista clients require can take the ACE Level 2 exam. The expertise most commonly pursued by companies for the posts are those of frontline Network Engineers and Operations workers. Engineers who want to move away from siloed networking skillsets and adopt the entire network, including DC, Campus, and control, will become more important in current frameworks. In addition, those with existing or retired Associate certifications from other vendor systems will benefit from a more modern approach. Listed below are the outlines of the course and the official test:

    • Cloud networking on a global scale;
    • Troubleshooting Tools for the EOS CLI;
    • Fabric for DANZ Monitoring (DMF);
    • Operations for CloudVision (CVP);
    • Cognitive Campus.

    Arista Cloud Engineer - Level 3 – Cloud Journeyman

    Arista's cutting-edge Software Defined Cloud Networks architecture is the focus of the ACE Level 3 evaluation. Here, engineers will be able to learn the key technologies used in today's corporate networks. MP-BGP, eBGP underlays, EVPN, and VXLAN are among the technologies that ACE: L3 is focusing on. Besides, Multicast, QoS, MSS, WIPS, 802.1x, ACLs, and DMF are among the topics covered in-depth in traffic engineering, troubleshooting, and security. In particular, the ACE Level 3 exam is perfect for candidates having 2-5 years of experience in the field of Network Engineering and those who are familiar with different Layer 2 and Layer 3 facets. The skills most commonly sought by companies for these roles are those of Network Engineers and Operations workers. Engineers who want to move away from siloed networking skillsets and adopt the entire network, including DC, Campus, and control, will become more important in modern architectures. Thus, below, you’ll encounter the outlines of the class and the related test:

    • Cloud networking L3LS on a global scale;
    • VXLAN and EVPN;
    • Multicast in the Underlay;
    • Modes and Configuration of Quality of Service;
    • Campus Safety and Advanced Technology;
    • Connecting the LS to the DC on Campus;
    • Advanced Features of CloudVision Wi-Fi.

    Arista Cloud Engineer - Level 4 – Cloud Professional

    The high-level DataCenter, DCI, WAN, and Service Provider infrastructures are the subject of the ACE Level 4 validation. In particular, engineers can look into the proficient routing features that Arista hardware and EOS have to offer. The use of VXLAN & MPLS between data center locations, as well as the use of IS-IS and OSPF necessary for the underlay routing process and Segment Routing, should be covered in detail here. Apart from these, service provider connectivity, high-level routing building, and solving issues should be considered. Arista's hybrid cloud solution, which uses AnyCloud alongside vEOS, should be covered as well. In general, candidates with more than 5-year work experience in the Network Engineering sector and familiarity with various routing protocols are ideally qualified for the ACE Level 4 evaluation. In all, these are the topics of the course and the exam to master:

    • Leaf-Spine Architectures of the Future;
    • Interconnection of data centers;
    • Data/Control Planes, Packet Structure, and General Operations;
    • Routing by Segment;
    • Features of Advanced Routing;
    • Hybrid, private, and public cloud accessibility.

    Career Prospects

    Holding any Arista designation will make you a qualified Network Engineer. When it comes to the annual payment that these specialists can receive, it is almost $75k according to the survey by Payscale. However, the more you’re qualified, the bigger your paycheck will be. Thus, these specialists with some years of experience and advanced-level Arista certifications can expect a yearly salary of $108k as the same salary provider estimates.

    Certification Path

    After the ACE Level 4 designation, it’d be wise to get the Arista Cloud Engineer – Level 5 – Cloud Automation that further can be enhanced by the two final Level 6 & 7 Tiers.

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