ACSS-7180 Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by Avaya with new certification(s).

Certification Details

The ACSS-7180 Avaya IX Messaging certification helps the candidates to develop and verify an advanced level of understanding and knowledge on maintaining, troubleshooting, and administrating the Avaya communication products.

ACSS-7180 Avaya IX Messaging Certification: Best Audience

The best candidates for the ACSS-7180 Avaya IX Messaging accreditation are those professionals who are willing to develop solid skills in interpreting and gathering system data and get proof of their competence. They are experienced in identifying the issues and are able to make the changes that are required for obtaining the maximum performance and availability of the company’s networks. Also, the individuals who succeed in obtaining this certificate are usually Support Specialists who have strong knowledge of using Avaya solutions and products to administrate and troubleshoot any communication issue. Therefore, they know how to meet their clients’ communication requirements effectively.

Certification Path

Those applicants who aim to earn the ACSS-7180 Avaya IX Messaging certification should start with attending the 60940T – Avaya IX Messaging Administration Test R10 training course. Then, one has to pass the exam coded 71800X – Avaya IX Messaging Implementation and Maintenance. Also, the vendor conditions the candidates to have previously obtained the ASAC-0026 for Avaya Messaging Administration. And once acquired, the ACSS accreditation is valid for 2 years.

Exam Overview

Coming back to the certification exam Avaya 71800X, the candidates should be ready to sit for a proctored assessment which has a duration of 1.5 hours. The exam includes 60 questions and the applicants need to obtain a minimum score of 72%. To register for the test, one should visit Pearson VUE, choose to schedule the exam by OnVUE, and take it online or select the physical testing center.

Avaya 71800X Exam Content

The first step to achieving success in any exam is getting the official syllabus and learning all the topics mentioned in it. This helps to create a detailed study plan and cover every concept needed. When it comes to the Avaya 71800X exam, the applicants should be ready to scrutinize 6 major domains. These are disclosed below:

  • Understanding the Main Features

    The candidates should start their preparation process by understanding the Avaya IX Messaging most important features. Therefore, they will learn more about the solutions offered by this product and be able to implement them in a business environment. In addition, they have to become skilled at identifying the most important features that Avaya IX Messaging has regarding its version 10.8.

  • Architecture

    This section includes topics that test the candidates’ ability to describe the architecture dedicated to the Avaya IX Messaging product. The applicants should also gain experience in identifying the deployment solutions related to Avaya IX Messaging infrastructure. Another subtopic included in this domain is dedicated to describing the High Availability features that this product has. Besides, the professionals will gain knowledge on listing the Avaya IX Messaging capabilities and licensing solutions. Finally, the exam-takers should demonstrate that they possess skills related to listing the 3rd Party PBX product that can support the Avaya IX Messaging solutions and specifics.

  • Installation

    Within this chapter, the candidates need to learn about installing the Avaya IX Messaging features properly and adapt its solutions to a real-world business environment. The professionals who want to obtain the ACSS – 7180 Avaya IX Messaging certification also have to gain solid knowledge on explaining the installation steps necessary for deploying the Avaya IX Messaging system properly. The third subtopic included in this chapter assesses one’s understanding of how to properly define the requirements for installing Avaya IX Messaging product components.

  • Integration

    This domain is extremely important in the exam’s blueprint as it helps the candidates gain practical expertise on integrating Avaya IX Messaging components in the company’s network processes. The professionals who want to get ACSS-7180 certified should demonstrate that they understand which are the installation phases that they should follow when it comes to Avaya IX Messaging infrastructure. Also, they have to gain knowledge in verifying the prerequisites associated with installing the Avaya IX Messaging product. Finally, before installing the product’s elements, the applicants should be able to define the requirements for security and consider them when working with the Avaya IX Messaging product.

  • Configuration

    This chapter verifies one’s competence in listing the SNMP as well as PBX configurations as well as identifying the proper template and mailbox requirements. Also, the exam-takers should know how to identify the Avaya IX Messaging network requirements and follow the product’s specifications. When installing this product, understanding its requirements becomes a crucial step that will influence the successful installation or failure.

  • Troubleshooting

    The final section is highly important for business continuity purposes. The candidates who want to obtain the ACSS – 7180 Avaya IX Messaging accreditation should be ready to act fast and with coherent solutions when something goes wrong with the product. Therefore, this chapter will validate their skills in identifying the proper maintenance and troubleshooting situations when managing and configuring the Avaya IX Messaging components.

Career Opportunities

An individual who succeeds in earning the ACSS - 7180 Avaya IX Messaging certification will have valuable accreditation under his/her belt. It validates his/her ability to manage the Avaya IX Messaging infrastructure. Therefore, international organizations will be interested to work with certified professionals and hire them in the positions like network engineers, support specialists, and more. These roles are quite lucrative. According to, the average annual salary that a support specialist who holds an Avaya certification can reach $50k. Also, those who choose a job of a network engineer, can receive offers that range around the annual amount of $75k.

Certification Path

Those candidates who succeeded in earning the ACSS – 7180 Avaya IX Messaging certification shouldn’t stop here and have to continue leveraging their skills on working with Avaya products. Therefore, they can apply for obtaining the Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS) certification program. Therefore, they will learn about implementing and configuring the Avaya Aura components to improve business processes. Also, they can continue their certification process and apply for the Avaya Services Technical Associate Program certification during which they will become skilled at handling different Avaya product elements without error.