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  • Avaya 7492X Exam Dumps, Avaya 7492X practice test questions

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    The Avaya 7492X exam is necessary for obtaining the Avaya Aura Call Center Elite certification. Such a test validates the candidates’ knowledge of managing the delivery, queuing, collection, and assignment of Avaya voice work items.

    Audience for 7492X Test

    As mentioned above, the candidates who decide to take the Avaya 7492X evaluation are interested in getting the Avaya Aura Call Center Elite certificate. They want to learn how to properly manage the voice work item assignment, collection and queuing. The candidates are also interested in learning about resource selection and intelligent routing features. Besides, they will get to know more about what type of agent they should appoint for each situation. For example, the exam-takers will check if a specific client must be served by the first available or by the least busy agent. They will also learn what skills to identify in the agent to meet their customer’s needs. Additionally, the test-takers develop the capabilities of using the Avaya Aura Communication Manager phantom call capabilities. Thus, they will learn how to deliver different types of work items to the contact center agents to support both the outbound and inbound contacts. Apart from taking the 7492X exam, the applicants can obtain the Avaya Aura Call Center Elite certification only if they have previously obtained the ACIS-7392 - Avaya Aura Call Center Elite validation. Apart from that, they should also attend the Avaya Aura Communication Manager Administration R8 course and the 21450T online test. Besides, they should attend the virtual class dedicated to Supporting Avaya Aura Call Center Elite, coded 74600V.

    7492X Overview

    The candidates who take the Avaya 7492X must answer 52 items in the official test. The examinees should get ready for handling different types of inquiries. For instance, they might receive single-answer or multiple-choice questions. This is a popular and quite difficult exam that will require their maximum attention, where the minimum passing score is 68%. Therefore, the test-takers should find the correct answer in 35 questions out of the total. Finally, the given time for such an exam is 90 minutes. As for the registration process for the 7492X exam, it starts on the Pearson VUE site. The candidates will need to follow the platform’s instructions. Thus, they should start by opening an account on the platform and add the required details to confirm the enrollment. The next step would be to schedule the official evaluation. In all, they can choose the online method or in Pearson VUE testing centers.

    Topics Tested in 7492X Exam

    The candidates who want to get the passing score in the 7492X evaluation should demonstrate that they developed solid skills in describing routing virtual features. Therefore, they should learn how to handle the Look Ahead Interflow (LAI) infrastructure. Besides, the exam-takers will be asked about their knowledge of managing Enhanced Interflow and the Basic Service Routing (BSR) infrastructure elements. Another topic included in this section focuses on configuring and managing the Adjunct Routing and the Network Call Redirection (NCR) features.

    Besides, during the preparation process for 7492X, the test-takers will learn about troubleshooting strategies that can be implemented when using the Communication Manager Denial Event architecture. Also, troubleshooting is extremely important when managing Avaya products as it helps the examinees understand how they can ensure business continuity and prevent the product from breaking down.

    After that, the exam-takers should demonstrate their skills in working with troubleshooting tools in CM and apply several commands dedicated to this topic. For example, they should become familiar with different instruments like the “list trace vector”, “list trace station”, or “list trace vdn”. Another important area included in the exam blueprint focuses on describing Business Advocate traits that will help in managing the fundamental call center questions.

    The individuals who want to get certified by taking the Avaya 7492X exam should also develop a solid understanding of how to handle the most common glitches that might result from the traditional ACD calling center experience. As an outcome, applicants will learn how to use the Business Advocate facets to find solutions to such problems and secure the architecture’s best performance.

    To add more, the Avaya 7492X exam blueprint includes sections dedicated to Avaya Aura Media Server troubleshooting elements. Therefore, the test-takers will learn about the best strategies that they should implement to fix any issues that might appear when configuring this architecture. Apart from that, the candidates should also become skilled at describing the vector variable operations as well as listing usage and trace, and displaying events. Also, entrants should develop a good knowledge of the available troubleshooting methods they can use for handling call vectoring issues.

    The final part of the actual 7492X test concentrates on describing the Best Service Routing features when working with Avaya Aura Call Center Elite infrastructure. Additionally, the examinees will find questions that validate their knowledge of describing the Best Service Routing in a multisite environment and the Service Level Maximizer (SLM) features. Finally, the examinees’ skills in describing the Dynamic Business Advocate functions and capabilities will be also tested.

    Career Prospects

    The candidates who pass the Avaya 7492X evaluation can apply for better-paid positions such as:

    • Data Center Operations Engineer;
    • Data Center Support Specialist.

    According to, a certified Data Center Operations Engineer can earn an average salary of almost $81k in one year. On the other hand, if you decide to start your career as a Data Center Support Specialist, you can expect to receive an offer of $52k on average per year.

    Certification Path

    The certification associated with the Avaya 7492X exam is part of the Avaya Certified Support Specialist (ACSS) program. Once you obtain the Avaya Aura Call Center Elite certificate, you can continue obtaining the Avaya Oceana Solution and Avaya Analytics certifications within the ACSS track. Besides, you can leverage your skills in working with Avaya products and take the exams for the Avaya Contact Center Select and Avaya IX Messaging designations found in the aforementioned category.

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