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    The Avaya 72200X exam is necessary for obtaining the ACSS-7220 Avaya Aura Core Components certificate. By passing this test, the candidates validate an intermediate level of knowledge on diagnosing and supporting different types of products with the help of Avaya Enterprise Team Engagement Solution.

    Target Audience for Avaya 72200X Certification Exam

    The candidates who want to take the Avaya 72200X exam should be interested in developing their knowledge in the areas like diagnosing, isolating, and supporting different types of products and integrating them into the Avaya Enterprise Team Engagement Solution. This test also targets professionals aiming to learn how to manage the Avaya Core Architecture as well as deploy the Fundamental Voice Network Standards and Processes. Also, the applicants need to be interested in learning about Avaya Aura Core Components as well as strengthen their knowledge on Message and Call Flows as well as how to develop troubleshooting solutions.

    Certification Path

    The Avaya 72200X certification exam is not the only prerequisite for earning the ACSS-7220 Avaya Aura Core Components accreditation. There are two more vendor’s requirements for applicants. The first one is to hold the ACIS-7120 Avaya Aura Core Components certificate. Also, along with exam 72200X, students should successfully complete the 72200V – Supporting Avaya Aura Core Components virtual training. Then, the test is the final step that the examinees need to take to get the certification.

    Avaya 72200X Certification Exam Overview

    Avaya 72200X assessment consists of 63 questions that the candidates need to solve within 1.5 hours. The minimum passing score that they have to obtain to become certified is 68%. Therefore, they should answer correctly to 42 questions or more out of the total.

    The registration process for this test is made using the Pearson VUE platform. The test-takers should access the platform, create or open an account, and follow the recommended steps. Once the registration process is done, the candidates can schedule the final exam. They can do it using the Pearson VUE online program, OnVUE. It allows exam-takers to sit for the test online. Also, they can schedule 72200X in an available testing center that located across the world. Besides, the vendor recommends that the candidates schedule the exam at least 2 months in advance.

    Topics Tested in Avaya 72200X Exam

    The candidates who want to obtain the passing score in the Avaya 72200X exam from the first attempt must get intermediate to advanced skills in the following topics:

    • Defining Avaya Core Architecture

      The candidates who decide to take the Avaya 72200X certification exam should gain the necessary knowledge for defining different architectural elements for System Manager and Session Manager products. Also, they have to learn more about how to define suitable architectures for Media Server and Communication Manager. Additionally, they should gain solid skills for quickly identifying the troubleshooting necessities and differences between the public and private network environments.

    • Identifying the Fundamental Voice Network Processes and Standards

      Within this topic, the exam-takers have to learn how to properly identify the Trust Management, SIP Signaling, and Media and Call Processing elements. Also, they should gain knowledge on identifying the Replication and Synchronization features as well as Call Routing elements. The candidates will receive questions that validate their skills in displaying IP Codecs. Besides, they should gain the necessary knowledge for configuring the Call Admission Control and Shared Bandwidth Management components.

    • Managing the Avaya Aura Core Components

      This chapter consolidates the examinees’ expertise in identifying and using the appropriate tools associated with the Avaya Aura Core components. Also, they need to know how to validate the CM license status as well as have strong skills in describing the way CM certificates work. The test-takers should also become able to perform a list trace and verify the CM’s Software Version. Finally, the test will check if the applicants understand how to validate the AAMS statuses and demonstrate that they are able to download a traces log file when necessary.

    • Managing Message and Call Flows

      The candidates who take the Avaya 72200X certification exam consolidate their knowledge on managing and describing the call flow from SIP-to-H.323 and SIP-to-SIP endpoints when working with private networks. Also, they will learn about managing the H.323-to-SIP endpoint while operating in a private network. The second topic included in this section is dedicated to describing the call flow necessary for transitioning a SIP Office Worker to a SIP Remote Worker.

    • Performing Troubleshooting Activities

      Apart from knowing how to manage the Avaya Core Components product properly, the examinees should also gain the necessary skills for performing effective troubleshooting activities. Within this topic, the candidates will need to demonstrate that they can verify and take troubleshooting actions whenever the situation occurs. They should also prove that they know how to validate the network’s existing configuration. Additionally, the test-takers have to obtain skills for quickly identifying the situations when the systems are not working properly. Finally, once they collected such information, the professionals should be able to resolve any issue and ensure business continuity.

    Career Opportunities for Avaya 72200X Exam-Passers

    An individual who passes the Avaya 72200X exam with success becomes a valuable candidate for international organizations. The certification associated with this test demonstrates that this individual has solid skills in managing Avaya Aura Core Components and can apply for different job positions, such as Telecommunication Analyst or Support Specialist, among others. According to the benchmark provided by, a certified Telecommunication Analyst can earn an average annual salary of approximately $62k. Besides, if you apply for the role of Support Specialist, then you can earn a salary of $50k during one year.

    Certification Path

    If you decide to take the Avaya 72200X certification exam, then you are enrolled in the Avaya Certified Support Specialist Program (ACSS). Therefore, you can complete this path by continuing with acquiring the remaining accreditations. For instance, you can take the ACIS-7130 Avaya Aura Communication Applications or the ACIS-7140 Avaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications certificates. After passing the Avaya 72200X test, you can take more accreditation exams to finalize the ACSS program.

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