Pass 3314 Certification Exam Fast

3314 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Avaya with new exam.

Avaya 3314 Exam Details

The Avaya 3314 certification exam is necessary for obtaining the ACSS - Avaya Aura Experience Portal with Proactive Outreach Manager certification, which validates the candidates’ advanced level of knowledge of configuring, installing, and troubleshooting different types of Avaya products.

Candidates for Avaya 3314

The candidates who enroll in the Avaya 3314 exam are usually Avaya Implementation Specialists who would like to leverage their skills in implementing, validating, and troubleshooting the installation phases of a product family, a single system, and product. In addition, they will register for this exam to learn more about installing Avaya software and hardware, as well as configuring the appropriate solutions to reach the expected result. Besides, the test-takers are interested in learning more about the initial administration actions and how to diagnose the acceptance testing. Finally, with such a test, applicants will also become skilled at correcting installation issues.

Overview of 3314 Test

All in all, the main Avaya 3314 evaluation includes 62 questions, whose format can be very diverse as the vendor doesn’t give too many details about it. So, the candidates should be ready to solve multiple-answer or multiple-choice inquiries, as well as other types. The time allotted for the test-takers to accomplish the whole test is 90 minutes. During this time, they will need to find the correct answer in as many questions as possible and obtain the minimum passing score, which is 66%. In particular, this means that examinees should answer correctly 41 questions out of the total of 62 inquiries. To know more, before taking the official 3314 exam, the candidates are recommended to attend the virtual training coded 70050V that has a duration of 40 hours. The registration process for 3314 is validated on the Pearson VUE platform. The candidates must follow the instructions prompted on the screen when they enter this site. In more detail, they should start by opening an account on the Pearson VUE website, pay the registration fee, and confirm their registration details. Once all these steps are finalized, applicants can schedule the real exam either online or in one of the available testing centers. However, note that Pearson VUE recommends that applicants finalize the registration process a minimum of 2 months in advance. Otherwise, they might risk not finding an available spot for taking the test at the desired time and date.

Topics Tested in 3314 Evaluation

Your success in the 3314 certification exam is determined by your ability to develop a solid knowledge of the following topics:

  • Architecture

    The candidates who decide to take the Avaya 3314 certification exam should gain skills in describing and managing Web Services and AAEP operations. Then, they should also understand how the POM and AAEP architecture elements work with each other and influence the infrastructure’s overall performance. Another topic included in this chapter focuses on describing the Experience Portal External Systems. Besides, the examinees will learn about the CMS RT Socket-Based Routing facets and the enhancements they can apply to ICR 7.0 infrastructure.

  • Experience Portal Implementation

    Within such a module, the test-takers will learn about describing Agent Assignment alternatives. Besides, they will consolidate their skills in explaining AAEP licensing and how varied agent scripts can be properly used and created. The test-takers should also validate their skills in describing the VoIP connections. Additionally, this objective focuses on configuring the Avaya Aura Experience Portal functionality & traits and understanding how they influence the system’s way of working. Finally, the candidates will get equipped with describing the steps they need to take for configuring the EPM features necessary for email & SMS.

  • Proactive Outreach Manager

    The candidates who reach this domain will start by learning how they can define the POM server terms. Besides, they should dedicate time to describing the POM User Interface parts and enhancements that can be installed on 3.0. version. Also, the candidates will learn about describing the standard capabilities that the standard POM infrastructure has. Another subtopic included in this topic expounds on developing the capabilities to verify the prerequisites that the POM installation process has. Finally, the individuals who want to get certified will learn about installing and configuring POM functions, features, and licenses. They should also consolidate their skills in working on the POM database administration.

  • ICR Implementation

    Here, the examinees will learn about the configuring actions they should take when working with Intelligent Consumer Routing architecture. Also, they should explain the ICR installation and reporting capabilities.

  • Maintenance

    Within a portion like this, the test-takers will learn about the requirements they need to follow when working with AAEP infrastructure. Besides, they should gain troubleshooting skills when handling POM database glitches and understand how to properly use the AAEP reporting features. After that, the exam-takers will gain advanced knowledge of explaining the product’s backup strategies and understand what upgrading procedures they should use in different scenarios. Finally, the applicants for the Avaya 3314 exam will learn about the ICR reporting capabilities and know how to verify the AAEP operations.

  • Troubleshooting

    The candidates can improve their chances to pass the Avaya 3314 certification exam if they understand how the POM tools for troubleshooting including procedures work in different scenarios. Besides, they will learn how to deal with troubleshooting EPM & POM issues. Also, candidates should learn about identifying and interpreting the ICR log files and messages. Finally, the test-takers should get to know the proper methods to use the AAEP isolation logs, tools, and procedures necessary for the process of troubleshooting.

Career Prospects for 3314 Exam-Passers

The candidates who decide to take the Avaya 3314 test and earn the associated certification can apply to well-paid jobs such as:

  • Network Engineer;
  • Senior Technical Support Engineer. mentions that a Network Engineer can earn an annual salary of $75k. Besides, if you decide to apply for the position of Senior Technical Support Engineer with validated Avaya skills, then you should expect to receive an offer of $82k in one year.

Certification Path

Once you’ve passed the 3314 certification exam, you can advance in your certification path and obtain other ACSS validations like the Avaya Workforce Engagement, Avaya Aura Core Components, Avaya Aura Communication Applications, and the like.