Pass 156-115.80 Certification Exam Fast

156-115.80 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Checkpoint with new exam.

Checkpoint 156-115.80 Exam Details

Test 156-115.80 can get you the Check Point Certified Security Master (CCSM) certification which enables you to perform high-level deployment & security configurations.

Related Certification

The Check Point Certified Security Master is a core advanced security certificate lying just after the Check Point Certified Security Administrator and Check Point Certified Security Expert certifications. This qualification is a creation of the new career track, featuring the R80 exam versions that were introduced to replace the R77 exams.

Exam Audience

The Check Point 156-115.80 exam targets self-motivated IT specialists looking to advance in new positions as the company’s most reliable security nerds. This could be a network firewall administrator looking to advance his/her skills or a network security engineer looking to get ahead in their careers.

156-115.80 Prerequisites & Abilities

When you decide to become certified as a Check Point Security Master, you will need to get ready to ace one test which is coded 156-115.80. The eligibility criteria for this exam include the following:

  • Candidates will need to have previously passed the CCSE R80 or CCSM R77 exams;
  • The applicant should possess CCSE knowledge or equivalent skills;
  • Solid understanding of Windows Server, as well as experience working with UNIX and demonstrating networking skills and prior TCP/IP experience, is also necessary;
  • Prior experience using internet technology and demonstrating strong network knowledge is essential.

Once you’ve met all the requirements mentioned above, you can start studying for the Check Point 156-115.80 exam. You should be prepared to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Use different commands to quickly identify problems and issues;
  • Immediately locate the source that led to encryption failures;
  • Identification of miss-configured VPNs;
  • Reduction of IPS false positives;
  • Troubleshooting ClusterXL and SecureXL apps.

Check Point 156-115.80 Exam Structure

When it comes to the structure of this exam, test-takers should be ready to answer 100 questions. The time duration will be 90 minutes in instances where the exam is taken in English-speaking countries. In the case of non-English speaking countries, the total time allowed for the exam will be 105 minutes. Besides, the minimum passing score for this Check Point 156-115.80 exam is 70%. To enroll in this test, candidates will have to pay $350.

Tested Topics

The Check Point Certified Security Master certification can be obtained only by those candidates who manage to develop strong skills in the following topics:

  • Advanced database management;
  • Troubleshooting user mode and Kernel mode;
  • Policy management and SmartConsole debugging;
  • Troubleshoot and debug Advanced Network Translation issues;
  • Solve VPN-related issues;
  • Access Control Policies troubleshooting;
  • Threat Prevention Policies debugging;
  • Tuning and optimization;
  • Advanced clustering;
  • Acceleration troubleshooting;
  • IPv6 deployment.

Each of the above domains includes several subtopics that will put the candidates in different scenarios to help them prove that they have the necessary technical skills to perform advanced debugging. Also, any applicant who gets CCSM certified will receive expert-level access to SecureKnowledge and fast path access to Tier 3 support as well as joining an elite group of professionals in security issues.

Shedding Light on 156-115.80 Exam Topics:

The Check Point 156-115.80 exam includes the following topics

Advanced database management - this topic addresses the advanced technical concepts involved in database management. Here, candidates will be tested on query optimization, distributed databases for storage, Solr, and how the Watch Dog process should be dealt with.

Troubleshooting user mode and the Kernel one - this Check Point exam will address everything from input-output management to interrupt instructions to ensure that you are well equipped to manage an operating system.

SmartConsole and policy management - this exam domain will teach you how to solve all the issues concerning SmartConsole and its debugging.

Advanced network translation issues - within this area, you will learn how to work with NAT by utilizing Gaia commands and will get exposed to both Client Side & Server Side NAT.

VPN-related issues - here, you will get to know how to effectively debug all VPN-related problems that you might encounter.

Access control policies - in this section, you will get knowledgeable about the App Control, URL Filtering, and Content Awareness problems.

Threat Prevention Policies - this objective will equip you with the knowledge of how to deal with Anti-Bot and Antivirus issues and how to use IPS to get rid of false positives.

Tuning and optimization - for you to know, this topic will cover the Security Gateway performance as well as the usage of CPU.

Advanced clustering - here, you will be taught how to control cluster status and how to manage state synchronization.

Acceleration - this part of 156-115.80 exam will test you on how to use fwaccel and sim opposed to fwaccel dbg and sim dbg. In addition, you will understand how to operate with CoreXL.

IPv6 deployment - if you are not familiar with the do’s and don’ts of the full-scale implementation of the internet protocol version 6, or simply IPv6 as its commonly known, this exam objective got you covered.

Check Point Certified Security Master Salary and Job Prospects

Students who pass the Check Point 156-115.80 exam deservedly earn a Security Engineer job title. This is a job role that’s synonymous with many top-ranked IT departments in the modern workspace. According to the salary data from the PayScale official website, the average annual income for such specialists is $107,777. More career opportunities and the earning potential are listed below, according to the data found on PayScale:

  • Network Security Engineer ($85,940);
  • Security Engineer ($91,674);
  • Network Engineer ($74,286).

Check Point Career Path

Any specialist who wants to obtain the Check Point Certified Security Master certification will have to start with the Check Point Certified Security Administrator R80 certificate first. After that, the next step will be training & preparation for the Check Point Certified Security Expert certification, which, as you remember, is one of the requirements for the Check Point Certified Security Master, being the highest-level security certificate to attain.